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  1. Roobus

    K20 Lancia Beta Zagato

    I'm hoping the moderators will allow this here as there are folks on or associated with this forum that have had a part in this build. I've been working on this car on and off for the last 6 years. I've done almost all of the work myself, even the poor paint job. This is the first car I've...
  2. jimmyx

    A Couple of K20 Items That Make It Easier

    This cable stop requires the TB bobbin drilled a hair larger, but makes for a clean installation. Old ratty cable is my retainer so I don't loose it- this thing is SMALL and pricy for what it is. Quick disconnect makes it simple to keep your stock spring setup. Ensuring the pedal assembly...
  3. Michael Albers

    K20 Swap RBC manifold

    Has anyone used an RBC manifold on their Swap? I have been searching and found an old thread by Tim Hoover but it seemed to just trail off and it wasn't clear if it worked or not.
  4. homegrown32

    Here is another k20 swap.

    Well I thought I might start posting up some pics and information on my K20 swap. K20a3 motor, K20a2 head, K20z1 cams.
  5. lookforjoe

    Preparing For Honda K24a3/AST5 6spd Conversion

    EDIT (Aug 2019): K24 Install Thread Here Page 2, 3 Aug 2018 - drivetrain arrives, thermostat, extension housing and piping layout. Page 4 - thermostat ext, intake & plenum layout Page 5 - plenum & TB layout Page 6 - water housing, coolant pipe, Plenum welding Page 7 - oil pressure sender...
  6. darwoodious

    Project Overkill: Chassis

    So I always had planned on doing a 'proper' posting for my k20/restomod build but even tho my day job is in the software industry, I just never seem to find the time to do it right. My plan was to follow Rodger's previous advice on posting and do proper postings. I think at this point I need...
  7. patrick garcia

    k20 swap

    Does anyone have any good pics of how much i need to cut out so i can shoehorn a k20 motor into my X? Thx Patrick
  8. Rodger

    K20 project off to a good start, volume 2

    Well, I was pretty bummed when the Photobucket debacle happened as my entire K20 build thread is now pretty useless with no photos. It would take me forever to reload them all, but that is a project for another life. Anyway, I figured I would continue with my progress in a new thread. Once I...
  9. Rodger

    K20 restomod custom wiring harness

    As part of my overall K20 swap project, I am doing a full shell up restoration of my '81. I acquired a late model Bertone fuse box and most of the wiring harness a few years ago and my plan is to use that for the new wiring harness for my project. Whoever harvested the harness was in a hurry...
  10. Rodger

    Marshall electronic gauge install

    As part of my K20 swap, the instrument cluster needed to be modified to accommodate an electronic speedometer. Many thanks to Bob Brown for information and advice that he generously shared with me as I was attempting this. He was the one that developed the idea of using Marshall gauges to...
  11. Dennisrh

    (almost) No Cut K20 Swap

    Part I I have been working on my K20 Swap for about a year and a half and am near completion. I have been driving the car for about three weeks and am just working out a few kinks here and there. When I saw the first Midwest Bayless K20 swap I was amazed and intrigued in that it was the...
  12. fiatmonkey

    #EngineSwap : All K20-swappers out there!

    Are any of you using an RBC intake manifold? (vs. PRB that comes stock on the k20a2) Here is a comparison: RBC on the left... The RBC is stock for US Civic Si. The 15hp increase, pretty substantiated claims are out there from what I have read and discussed with my tuner. I think it...
  13. Rodger

    K20 project off to a good start

    Epilogue, February 2, 2021. This thread documents my 5 1/2 year journey to do a K20 swap on a 1981 Fiat X1/9. It didn't start out to be that, but it turned out to be a great adventure. I learned a ton about automotive repair, restoration, and fabrication along the way. This thread is part 1...