128 short shifter review


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There were captive nuts inside the tunnel to mount the shifter. My plate's holes were large enough to go around the nuts, and was the same thickness (around 3mm) Then I bolted down the shifter with titanium bolts that were longer than they needed to be and used a titanium fender washer and nylock...
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So what is different in the new version vs. the old version?
New version on left, original on the right...
My first idea was to make the black spacer on the far right, but the mounting bolts are 6mm and would have been quite long. Seemed like it would be weak. Then I designed the new housing....


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I have 3 X 1/9 4 speed shift levers for anyone who wants pieces to customize. $7 each plus shipping. If you buy all 3 for $25, its free shipping to
continental US 48 states. Sorry, no international shipping.