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Discussion in 'Workshop Forum' started by ajg77, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. ajg77

    ajg77 Low Mileage

    Alberta, Canada
    I found a nice looking set of 14" momo rims 4x98, like new. they have almost new rubber on them in the form of BF goodrich 195/60 r14. Anyone running this size tire? Will they work with my stock set up? guessing I would have to switch to a stud set up. Would like to post some pics of them but not sure how it works! they are asking $400

  2. MarkF

    MarkF Administrator Moderator

    Redmond/Chelan, WA
    Interesting wheels. The tires however would be over 23" diameter. Probably fine on the rear but almost certain to rub on the front.
  3. karhawk

    karhawk True Classic

    Oakland, ca
    Wont work in front, 185X60's won't either w/o rolling the fenders at least with our Maserati rims.

  4. abec

    abec Wil

    San Jose CA, 95125

    This is my car on 195/60-14 Biturbo wheels. Lowered with coilovers.

    The fronts would not fit without cutting the into the front bumper section of the fender.

    I rolled all 4 corners, and cut the fronts to fit the tires.
  5. I'm sure those Azenis stick like glue in with that much of a footprint and their soft rubber... but how does the X1/9 feel with that much tire under it?

    I'm curious because the Azenis is a notoriously heavy tire. Not that it keeps me from buying them for my Miata! But I'm interested in how much they clunk up the nimble feeling of the X? (Again, I like them on my Miata, but they do take away some of the nimble feeling in the steering... feels like a bigger car now.)
  6. Kevin B (Asheville NC)

    Kevin B (Asheville NC) Administrator Moderator

    Asheville, NC
    Just an observation, but those "look heavy"
  7. RobV

    RobV Low Mileage

    Guelph Ontario
    14" rims & 185 60 14 tires

    I have 14" rims on my X. They are cromadoros from a 1980 fiat spider. I have 3/8" thk spacers to compensate for the different offset. I currently have 185-60-14 Bridgstone G019 tires. No problem in back. I had to trim the front plastic fender liner and pound in the lower inner edge of the wheel well a bit because the tires were rubbing slightly at full lock. I would guess 195s on the front would not fit.
  8. Rupunzell

    Rupunzell Bernice Loui

    Stock Miata tire size... easy enough to get. at 22.7" diameter, these are a bit big on the X, by .70".

    Does not sound like much, but that increase is enough to cause clearance problems and alter suspension geometry.

    The cause of tire grief for the X is due to the vast majority of cars built and sold today being over 3,000 pounds.

    Once the Abarth 500 appears, it is likely some tire manufactures will offer performance tires for it and wheels to match. While the wheel offsets are not correct for the X, it is the tires that matter for those who care about tire stick.

  9. fiatmonkey

    fiatmonkey Tim Hoover

    Redwood City, CA
    Can't wait ;)
  10. Kevin B (Asheville NC)

    Kevin B (Asheville NC) Administrator Moderator

    Asheville, NC
    Laura Soave, at FFO'11, did confirm that we (the US) would get the Abarth. and soon.

    But isn't the Abarth on 16" wheels with optional 17"ers? Not gonna be a good x fit there.
  11. abec

    abec Wil

    San Jose CA, 95125
    The steering did indeed become much heavier, but I didn't mind. The car handled very well with them on, the sidewalls are super stiff that with the added to the coilovers gave the car a much stiffer harsher ride but for me that was not a problem. On the other hand although I was happy with them, I would not plan on buying them again, as they were just to big for the car.
  12. FEDERAL 185-55-14

    I use on my 14's campagnolos FEDERAL 185-55-14 easy to buy anywhere in US

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  13. quattrorules

    quattrorules Michael. 84X

    Only in Canada.

    Here in Canada, I bought a set of Kumho Ecsta SPT tires in a 185-55-14 size, but I notice that that size is not available in the US. Don't remember what I paid for them, but I haven't even driven on them yet, so I can't say how they perform. The SPT is listed as an Ultra High performance tire in Kumho's literature, so I would expect it to perform well.
    I wonder why that size is not available in the USA? It's a pretty good match for the original 165-70-13 tire diameter, and not too wide to interfere with the car body. I guess that Americans in the Northern states could drive up here to get themselves a set. A change from what usually happens, with Canadians going south to get stuff that isn't available here.:wink2:
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  14. bbrown

    bbrown Bob Brown Moderator

    New Hampshire
    Do you have any literature

    or a web site for them?
  15. Kevin B (Asheville NC)

    Kevin B (Asheville NC) Administrator Moderator

    Asheville, NC
    55 profile tires (and 65 for that matter) are less common, more expensive due to limited sales.

    My wifes last two cars came with "half" profile tires (65 on maxima and subaru), and due to costs, I went with a wider, 60 profile tire on each at tire replacement time, for more than a 30% savings.
  16. quattrorules

    quattrorules Michael. 84X

  17. karhawk

    karhawk True Classic

    Oakland, ca
    They are a blend of aluminum and magnesium while they may look heavy, they are lighter then the stock steel 13" wheels
  18. Anthony

    Anthony Low Mileage

    Thunder Bay
    I've had this set on my car and absolutely love them. Brought it to a parking lot and tried to break it loose and could not!. I wish I could find them again but they are unavailable. I still have them on the back but they're getting very old and worn time for some new ones. I'm just researching now what availability is out there for this tire size because like you said it is the one that works the best for the rim size.
  19. kmead

    kmead Old enough to know better

    Depending on the vendor you can find at least two tires, one from Yokohama S-Drive and the other from Federal S595. There are a few even cheaper tires from a few Chinese vendors.

    They are not listed at many of the tire places.
    Tire Rack has two, a Vredestien Quatrac (cheap) and another Yokohama Advan (expensive)

    The S-Drives are excellent and I see several sets on Ebay.

    In any case there are not many tires in this size anymore (never were many to start with).

    I have a set of 14” rims I have been thinking about getting tires for but have yet to pull the trigger.
  20. WantAnX1/9

    WantAnX1/9 Stuck in gear, leaking fluids, fire in progress...

    Those are the best looking wheels I have ever seen on an X 1/9! Period-correct look, they fit the style of the car so well! What model wheels are those? I know they are Chromadoras, but do they just bolt up, or do I need to modify the arches or wheel wells to accommodate them?
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