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Took Fatrat to the food store and clutch started acting funny and engine would try to die when stepping on the clutch, then dreaded sheet metal noise. My attempted repair on the fallen thrust bearings failed and I'm declaring the crank and block a write-off. The motor that came in the car is sitting under the deck and I will drag it up, throw it on the engine stand and tear apart enough to determine it's condition.

Spider is now the A-team as I need X-recuperation.

Such is life.


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If they fell back out, your thrust bearings probably weren't thick enough. Did you have any noticeable axial freeplay after the replacement?


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Hi Carl,
Allow me to ask a question.
Are you still having fun with all this?
Have you considered just buying an X in nice condition like the one just recently offered here?
No offense intended, people are different. If you are having fun, then that‘s cool. It would pain me less to read of your setbacks if those are just part of the whole experience. :)


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Doc, I saw that ad and thought the timeliness was amazing but Texas is a bit far from Virginia.
Ulix, a very on point question. I had bought a totally stock, nice running Bertone a few years ago and was totally bored with it even though worked fine. I like to tinker. So the bottom line is I'm having a great time playing with the X, sometimes I work too hard and burn myself out.

It will only take an easy day to assess the motor under my deck...bringing it up to the garage will be the hard part.

The crank had no axial play with the new thrust bearings but there may be some serious machining on the crank from the bearing that fell hallway out.

The thought of undoing (yet again) 24 axle allen bolts makes me sad. The thought of working on the spider makes me happy.


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Carl, I totally understand about the "love/hate" relationship going on.

Personally I enjoy building custom cars more than owning or driving them. For me it all about creating something unique (modified or custom) and mine. I've never considered buying one that was already built by someone else. I love the satisfaction of knowing that I did ALL of it myself, never paying a shop to do things for me (except possibly something like machine work that I do not have the proper equipment for). And that applies to the entire build process, from a total heap to my dream image of what the car should be. At one point I turned this process into a business but realized that took all of the fun out of it. So I continue to do it solely for my personal interest. Which is why I do not post a lot of photos or show my vehicles...they are for my personal satisfaction only.

But as I get older it has become more difficult physically to do this type of work. Particularly after a significant injury left me with some permanent neurological damage and disability. It takes it toll on me, so I can only do a small amount each day. This makes progress extremely slow; I collect new projects faster than I can complete them. And that is very frustrating. Especially when things need to be done twice, or worse - multiple times. Particularly tasks that are more physically challenging. That is when the "hate" side can seem to overcome the "love" side of things. But I continue to do it. I guess that is how I am programmed. Or maybe it is more an attempt to try and keep my youth alive, who knows.

I suppose there will be a point when I have to stop for physical reasons. I already experienced that for a long recovery period after my injury and it was difficult to deal with. So I'll cross that bridge when I come to it again. Until then I keep plugging away at what I want to do (not what I need to do).


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The thought of undoing (yet again) 24 axle allen bolts makes me sad. The thought of working on the spider makes me happy.
If you’ve just done them a few days or weeks ago, that’s not so bad - they come right out. It’s only really miserable and annoying when they’ve had years to get stuck and they strip out and destroy your Allen-head sockets.


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True, they were installed just a week or so ago so they will jump right out.
I'm leaving the motor in for now so the car is mobile. It will come out when a replacement is ready to go in.


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Which is why I do not post a lot of photos or show my vehicles...they are for my personal satisfaction only.
This part I disagree with. I also mod because it satisfies me, however, not sharing pics just because I do the work to please me is unfair to others who might like to get ideas for their own work :D


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I agree and it's obvious from my posts that I photograph some really crappy looking cars. Picture is worth a 1,000 words.

By the way, I met Hussein in person for the fist time yesterday at Carlisle (and saw his car too). He is a wonderful guy to chat with but don't let him go off on Volvos!