1964 fiat 600 (perhaps) cassetta Abarth


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this time it took us a little longer. Once the lockdown was over, fortunately started working in the workshop, so we only dedicated ourselves to the 600 in the time or at the end of the day.
The engine is mounted, gearbox, starter motor, radiator oil and water pipes are in place. Only the radiator hose is missing.

I thought a lot about the bracket built by myredracer ... the biggest problem is that I have a very different water pump from his, but the area where he put the bracket is optimal. I would say perfect.
So I went in search of the cutouts of the car chassis of the workshop and starting from a Fiat mudguard bracket, with some modifications, I came to a result that i think is acceptable to me.

now, with the pump mounted, we can devote ourselves to the first ignition and to the tuning of the engine.
About the strut rod, I still have to make it, but I found some of these.

I should be able to purchase the necessary uniball for both strut rods this week.
I have sketched the gearbox bracket, tomorrow I hope to have some time to go on with the other jobs.


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Looking very good! So Italy has dropped the lockdown? I would have thought it may be one of the last to do so, given the severity of how hard the virus hit there. Stay well my friend, common sense is the best guidelines.


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we started phase 2, we are worried, we have implemented disinfection procedures on customers' vehicles, we have quoted access to the workshop, but we are trying to start again.
Next week we will have more reliable data and see if we will start again with phase 1 or we can continue like this.
Liguria is a region inhabited by an elderly population, and moreover we are few; to date the data seem comforting, but in relation to population density we are among the top 5 most suffering regions.
In addition to all this, decades of incorrect economic policies had put the economic fabric in difficulty, this pandemic highlighted and accentuated all the problems.
Please, be very careful too, do not leave anything to chance, I love you!
Thank you so much!


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Looks good, sounds better. Great noises coming out of it. Hope it isn’t too loud to drive comfortably.

Sounds very healthy, as in powerful.


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Goodmorning everyone! since we started the engine we are trying to use it every day at least on the journey home-work.
In the meantime, in the absence of the decanter, I got one from the original Carello 100d oil filter.


It was not in a bad condition, so dirty and some scratches.
Cleaned, repainted the metal filter case, modified the oil inlet cannula by drilling it in the lower part (now the vapors are coming from above), mounted or the metal filter to hold the oil, mounted the side outlet (highlighted in blue), and oil drain at the bottom. I will mount it on the reinforcement of the rear crossmember, so that its weight (not a little) is not a problem.


The three-way diverter for the steam pipes is missing.
Fortunately, work has started again a little and things are going a little slow.
Happy weekend to everyone😘


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I built a similar oil canister to act as a crankcase vent for one of my projects. I used a early Porsche oil filter housing, looks much like yours. Modified it the same as you:


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The three-way diverter for the steam pipes is missing.
Fortunately, work has started again a little and things are going a little slow.
Happy weekend to everyone😘
These are sometimes called a "trident". Berni Motori simply calls it a "Three-way oil line junction". I have seen a photo of one that somebody made by just bending a piece of tubing in a mandrel bender and welding on the 3rd straight piece of tubing.


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Exactly that. It is of very simple workmanship and execution, very often it is reproduced in that way.
I forgot, to increase the octane number, we have two possibilities: one is this

Already used in the past, with a subaru ej20 engine prepared, and obtained good results.
The second, having the oil port nearby, we have a loyal customer who could get us ethanol; in percentage around 10% for full it should raise the octane number by about 3 points.
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Regarding those pills, I don't need them. Ooops, mistook them for these:

Jokes aside, typically I'm cautious about products that make such claims with simple items. I'd be more inclined to either use a liquid additive octane booster (there are several brands here), or run ethanol if you are confident in the consistency of its percentage. You could also add one of the "flex-fuel" sensors that monitors the content (if you are using a programmable ECU):