1977 center A/C vents

Ron Avery

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As many of you know I own Marks 1976 black Montecarlo. I am looking to update the upper center air vents on top of the dashboard ( see photos), for my current vents.
I am looking to update for the later 1977 independent swivel vents, they mount into the same opening in the upper Dash structure as the earlier events in my car. Anyone that has these please contact me. By PM or e-mail
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You kinda lost me here. So ‘76 vents are different than ‘77s? I never knew
that. And you ONLY want a ‘77 vent? I think I have a spare buried in my
parts cache … somewhere. What year/design I don’t know. I’ll look.

Dean Scharer

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The difference between the two are in the deflectors housed inside the mechanism. One is traditional fin design and the other looks like circles.

Ron Avery

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The stock 1976 vents look great, However because they only adjust with the thumb wheel. The veins only move very slightly, and no matter how you try. The air is nowhere near your face. The later design is more efficient. With the two independently adjustable vents. The vents move up and down, and the veins move side to side.