2020 MWB Open House set for May 30th

Discussion in 'Events Forum' started by JimD, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. JimD

    JimD Waiting for Godot... Moderator

    Missouri, USA
    MWB has announced the date for this year's open house. Check out the MWB Facebook page for more info. It is a really nice one day event and I try to make it every year.
    2020 open house flyer.jpg
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  2. Yves

    Yves True Classic

    Check mark in my calendar ...
    Maybe my wife Lucy will come, to be follow...
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  3. kmead

    kmead Over half way.

    Yay!!! I might even be able to attend. Last few times it has been on a weekend where I needed to be in Chicago the next day to work a trade show.

    Hope to see lots of people there. Do folks roll in the day before? Is there a hotel everyone frequents?
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  4. Hi everyone,

    We'll be having the annual open house at Midwest-Bayless the weekend of Saturday, May 30 here at the shop in Columbus Ohio.

    We have been sharing most of the information through our Facebook event page. But wanted to make sure anyone here, and not on FB, didn't miss it.

    Details about the dinner on Friday night are forthcoming!


    As in previous years, the format is the same, rain or shine:

    Hotel: Varsity Inn, 1445 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43212

    Dinner Friday Evening 6:30 PM - TBD

    Saturday Morning 9:00 AM - Fiats gather at local Cars-N-Coffee - 777 Kinnear Rd. Columbus OH 43212

    Saturday 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM- Gathering at Midwest-Bayless Italian Auto 1333 Kingry St. Columbus, OH 43211

    >>>>Google Map for Hotel, C-n-C and Midwest-Bayless Here<<<<

    Bring a yourself, like-minded friends, some lawn chairs and an appetite!

    See you then.....

    -Matt, Marnie and crew
    Midwest-Bayless Italian Auto
  5. lookforjoe

    lookforjoe True Classic

    Planning on attending, first time for me :) Karl, you better come :D

    Probably make sense for me to stay through Sunday morning.
  6. autox19

    autox19 True Classic

    East Lansing, Mi
    Let me know if you are driving down, we might be able to caravan. Havent decided if i am going to drive a fiat or not. Trailered it last time i went and the tow vehicle died!

  7. kmead

    kmead Over half way.

    It’s my plan to go. I put it on my calendar so next step is to book a room. My only worry is I may need to get back from Chicago, grab the car and go. I will let you know. Perhaps we can drive due south on 127 and pick up with a few others coming from further west on I-80
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