34Datr carb with 74 intake and modifed Air filter

Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by Kevin Cozzo, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Kevin Cozzo

    Kevin Cozzo True Classic

    dallas tx
    This is a 34 datr, from a Scorpion I believe. carb #34DATR 2 250 6c. It has a water choke setup. I believe the intake is a 74 intake from what I was told, it has been slightly ported. I am not for sure if it is from a 74, maybe others will confirm, but The ports are larger than some euro version that someone was selling a year or so ago at close to 29mm...The air filter box is a stock filter, with the snorkel cut off. I also have some flex hose that will fit the cutoff snorkel to collect air from the fan inlet hole, or side vent. I had this on a 1500 with eurospec cam, and enlarged intake valves, and should run from the getgo...would probably have to change idle jets to run on a 1300
    I would like to get $325.00 for the whole setup, plus shipping
    20190114_153641.jpg 20190114_153704.jpg 20190114_153725.jpg 20190114_153747.jpg
  2. Kevin Cozzo

    Kevin Cozzo True Classic

    dallas tx
    BUMP- anyone? Open to trades (partial or full if really cool) of maybe fiat memorabilia, or unusual parts?
    things I dream of: ...a hotter street cam than euro-spec (what I have now) that is not a regrind that requires super thick shims
    rear performance springs (don't need front)
    also open to offers

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