#419 Rear Tail Light/ Turn Signal Issue


Bob Grasch
Helping a friend resurrect #419. So far have rebuilt the usual things, but having trouble with some of the wiring. Since the car sat for many years it has the usual brittle wire as well as some rodent damage. The problem is the rear tail lights. The left tail light works except for the turn signal. The right tail light is dead.

It looks like the right tail light is ran directly from the left side which should make it easy. So I thought. The lights use some unique edge connectors which I suspect is the issue. I have tried running the wire directly to the right side, but still nothing. That just leaves the edge connectors. Or am I missing something. Could it be a tail light problem as well? Does anyone have any experience with these connectors or know if there is a replacement?

Also there is no right or left turn signals. The right side comes on both front and rear, but doesn't flash. The left side is dead front and rear.

Any advice would be appreciated.



True Classic
Hello...Did you ever figure out what caused the signal light condition with the right tail light not working? I just had my car painted and they took the tail light out and when they replaced them I have a similar condition with the left working but the right not.


Bob Grasch
The problem was the edge connector itself. It was suggested to me to make a new pig tail from the tail light to the harness by soldering wire directly to the tail light circuit board. Then using a more modern/reliable plug/connector. Worked perfectly.