5 Speed Rebuild Group Buy

Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by Steve Hoelscher, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Kent Baird

    Kent Baird Italian car collector.

    Lakewood Colorado
    Hi Steve, I am interested a build. Can you contact me off-line? Thanks, Kent
  2. Update: I had an order canceled last night. Unexpected life event. It happens. So that unit is now available. It is in process now and will be ready to ship next week. If there is anybody that has an interest, and hasn't already made arrangements, please let me know.
  3. Greg (in Conn)

    Greg (in Conn) X driver- Bertone curator

    Sent you a message.
  4. lookforjoe

    lookforjoe True Classic

    Looking forward to having one of these in for the summer :D
  5. Hi Guys,

    Well, its the off season for me so I have some extra time. I have had a couple of people reach out to me about doing another run. I am trying to gauge another parts order for another small run. I know there were a few people who had interest but timing wasn't right. So if you are interested in getting a unit please let me know asap. I will only have limited time over the next couple of months to get these done. I want to order parts and that takes some time and its easier to make one big order than several small ones.

    Please PM me for info asap if you have any interest.

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  6. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli


    Good to see yur still kickin'!

    I'll copy this message and post it for our SoCal folks.

    Regards to Terrie!
  7. Thanks Tony. Good to hear from you. :)
  8. bpimm

    bpimm Brian Pimm

    Washougal, WA
    I'll take one on this go around.
  9. davejake

    davejake It's Running!!!

    Lakeville, MN
    In in too!
  10. Jimmy II

    Jimmy II Fair weather only

    West End, NC
    If I'm willing to keep my mouth shut and follow instructions, could you use a limited talent, no cost helper?
  11. PMs sent.

    Company is always welcome Jimmy. I'll be working most weekends if you want to come up. I can always use help cleaning parts. :)
  12. Jimmy II

    Jimmy II Fair weather only

    West End, NC
    That is probably all I can add to the undertaking.
  13. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli

    Brian... just noticed your reply also!

    Good to see yur still kicking as well!
  14. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli

    Jimmy II...

    I don't know ya but know how you must feel around the likes of OUR Mr. Hoelscher!

    Cleaning parts is one thing, but there is always a NEED for someone to order mo' Pizza and run for beer!

    Also... Steve is one to sometimes take advantage of a "normal" person's intellect when it comes to re-assembling transaxles. He has been known to scatter around a few little parts, nuts and bolts and leave them laying around the re-built trans. If you should ask him about them, he'll just shrug and say something like "I don't THINK we need those anyway..."


    Guess how I know?
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  15. Jimmy II

    Jimmy II Fair weather only

    West End, NC
    I keep little zip lock bags in my car of all free extras the factory included!
  16. bpimm

    bpimm Brian Pimm

    Washougal, WA
    Yep still kicking, hoping to get my house done by the end of the year so I can get back to car projects.
  17. :rolleyes:
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  18. OK, mystery to solve here. I have gone through my list and can't figure this one out. Somebody sent me a transmission from Connecticut. The name on the label I don't recognize. Can somebody claim this unit? I have no idea.
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  19. Oh, and it arrived yesterday.

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