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5th Zagato is the charm (maybe)

Discussion in 'Front Wheel Drive Fiats' started by BEEK, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. BEEK

    BEEK True Classic

    Clermont Fl
    thats right! I am buying a Zagato this week, unbelievably the wife is not divorcing me. not sure why, but after 22 years maybe she is trained...not likely... I m the one who is trained... wonder what this will cost me?
  2. T Kagi

    T Kagi Low Mileage

    Spokane, WA
    OK. I'll bite. Lets see some pictures. Are these Lancia's or Fiats?
  3. BEEK

    BEEK True Classic

    Clermont Fl
    this is the car. I hope to make the purchase saturday
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  4. twincam69

    twincam69 Daily Driver

    I've been watching the price drop on that one on CL. Congrats!
    If you ever come across an '82 painted dark Polo Green Metallic let me know. I'd love to get that one back.
  5. Karfrik

    Karfrik Albert

    FtWorth Texas USA
    Looks clean!!
  6. BEEK

    BEEK True Classic

    Clermont Fl
    got it! pic's soon
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  7. BEEK

    BEEK True Classic

    Clermont Fl
    here are a few pictures

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  8. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    Just very compelling lines, and very weird cars. I'll probably have one. One day. I'm weird.

    but not five...maybe two...
  9. sjmst

    sjmst True Classic

    Long Island, NY
    Nice. I've always wanted one.

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