74 X1/9 For Sale


Low Mileage
I'm selling my 74. Realization is I won't finish it.
Currently is plated and insured, need's the body finished.It run's and drive's I got it in 09 with 64386 on it and it now has 70924.I have replaced shock's, strut mounts [Plaia mount's and bearing's],front bushing's and ball joint's, rear bushing's and ball joint's [major pain doing ball joints], replaced steering rack, ignition switch, brake and clutch master and slave, water pump, rad fan's, Computronix ignition.Currently has 34 Dmtr, comes with 36 DCNVA and manifold as well as 40 DCNF.
Current cam Faza 40/80 I have been removing small rust section's and welding in new metal.I've just lost the drive to finish.

I offered this car to a member for $3000. anticipating some negotiation ,at this point I'm offering it to the rest of X-web for $2500.Cnd .There are many spare's included ,2 engine's, 1 trans , 2nd set of 74 bumper's, 74 grill, tail light's,Shelby wheel's etc. 8B273CA9-DD4B-4CFC-AC33-DEEED2C1CD6B_1_201_a.jpeg
This a Canadian car since new and is currently in Cambridge Ontario.


1981 X1/9
Geez Erk.....dont do it !!!

You have put so much into it...dont give up now. I suspect in a couple of years you would regret selling it . if you have lost your drive a bit...just set it aside for a while.

And you are asking way too little for it.