850 Sport Coupe series 2 track car.


True Classic
There are only single hose clamps. On items with raised lips, there is no problem. Hoses onto copper the copper generally goes about 75mm into the hose. The return line goes into the swirl tank and the fuel then runs from the top of the swirl tank back into the main tank. Measuring the temperature of the fuel returning from the swirl tank is much cooler now. On the track with air passing through the cooler I'm expecting it to be cooler again. The front of the car is the only place the swirl tank would fit. Also the weight of the pump and tank adds weight to the LHS to balance my weight a bit. I've tried to put all the odd bits of weight on the left side. The ECU shuts off the fuel if there is a prang!
Makes me miss racing and you are very smooth.