86 red X19 for sale

enzo mac

True Classic
1986 Fiat X19

If it's not too late, let me wish all a Happy New Year. I haven't been around for awhile due to illness at home. I need to sell my 1986 X. Asking $5,500.00 USD. and 10% off for one of us. Registered but not smogged. More details and photos, just email me at: enzomac@pacbell.net


Vincent dba enzomac


minor rust - windshield, front emblem, pan

2nd gear is a little notchy

air conditioner slowly leaks

no radio


good engine- starts right up

working air-conditioner ( see above )

all four brakes rebuilt by Mark Allison

parking brake works

tron rims with hubcaps

new tires (Achilles)

all lighting works including backup light

stainless steel coolant reservoir

headlight relays

Allison header - installed by Allison

Allison Exhaust - install by Allison

All glass intact


Old enough to know better
Very nice, very nice indeed. Price is good as well.

Very sorry to hear about the illnesses at home.

All the best and good luck with the sale.