A/C heater control arm repair

Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by dragonsgate, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. dragonsgate

    dragonsgate True Classic

    Decided to repair the slider arm just to see if I could do it. IMG_3343.JPG IMG_3633.JPG IMG_3634.JPG IMG_3635.JPG IMG_3636.JPG IMG_3637.JPG IMG_3639.JPG IMG_3641.JPG IMG_3642.JPG IMG_3643.JPG
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  2. toddr124

    toddr124 Hagerstown, MD

    Hagerstown, MD
    Very nice. Maybe I need to try to repair the other end on mine?
  3. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    Todd, one of mine is also broken on the other (handle) end. It looks like it might be a little harder to fix that end because the handle still needs to fit on it. I considered permanently attaching the handle as part of the fix, but then you can't reassemble everything. Hope you figure out a way to do it, and let us know so I can copy you. ;)
  4. dragonsgate

    dragonsgate True Classic

    Show a picture of the break.

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