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Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by WubbaLubba, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. WubbaLubba

    WubbaLubba New Member

    Hey I know I'm new and unknown here but I have a few pieces from my X that I am looking to sell. I will be pulling the engine to make room for my swap and figured I would offer some parts up in case anyone needed anything. I never could get the engine to start due to low compression and not 100% sure what is causing that yet. I have tried to sell the engine and trans locally as a complete set but no takers so I am willing to tear them down to pieces and ship off anything that you might need. I will start posting individual prices as I get into it.

    I also have -
    new timing belt $10
    new cap/rotor/points ignition set $10
    new valve cover gasket (I'll throw it in if you purchase something else)
    steering wheel with good grip - $20
    stock wheel spacers (4) - $15
    gauge cluster, unknown condition and foggy face - $25
    Good complete Italian Weber 32Datra carb and an extra core - $50 for both
    Carb fan, untested - $10
    Coolant reservoir - $10

    Prices are very flexible as I'm new to the X world and have no clue what stuff is actually going for!


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  2. CnC79X19

    CnC79X19 True Classic

    I'm interested in the header Tom. Pm'd
  3. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    Cliff, don't you already have one of those headers? :D

    I'm also interested in the header Tom.

    By the way, you will be getting a message soon telling you that the forum rules require you to list prices for all parts offered for sale. ;)
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  4. WubbaLubba

    WubbaLubba New Member

    Updated, thank you!
  5. CnC79X19

    CnC79X19 True Classic

    Hey Tom,
    I've decided to pass on this. It's all Doc's
  6. Daniel Forest

    Daniel Forest True Classic

    The header remind me of the top part of the 1974 Ansa header/exhaust system. I couldn't find any pics of it on Google.
  7. rx1900

    rx1900 1981 X1/9

    Yes Daniel...I believe you are correct !!!

    They appear to be indeed the header portion of a '74 Ansa system. Like this one:
    ansa header 2.jpg

    Just the header part is like this. I have 2 sets of them. Looks identical to me:
    ansa header.jpg

    Nicely made. Appear to me to be a 400 series stainless.

    More pics and dimensions can be found way down on page 2 of this thread:

    Good luck with the sale. Hope this helps. Doug
  8. EJP

    EJP Low Mileage

    Monroeville, PA
    Hi Tom,
    I am looking for the thermo switch and mounting block that controls/runs the carb fan . It attaches to one of the rear carb studs and the switch has 2 electrical blade connectors coming out of the back. The one I need does not screw into the carb directly. I am told this set up was used on 73 and 74 cars only. My car is a 79 with a 74 carb. From your photos it looks like yours is still in place. Would you be willing to sell those two pieces off of the engine? I really only need the mounting block as I have access to a good switch, but would take both. Please let me know if you want to do this and how many $. Thanks.
  9. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    Hey Ed, I'm curious. Your car being a '79, doesn't it have the fan switch mounted to the head (opposite side of engine) near the other temp switch? Or was that only on some specs like Calif smog cars?

    EDIT: Ooops, I just saw your new thread asking for this. My post would have been better there, sorry.
  10. WubbaLubba

    WubbaLubba New Member

    Both of the carbs that I have are the type where the thermoswitch bolts directly into the carb base. Sorry.

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