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Abarth Fiat X1/9 Engine Swap

Discussion in 'Nuova 500' started by TonyK, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. TonyK

    TonyK True Classic

    Grimsby Ont Canada
    This is the start of a project that may last a few years before it is completed.
    The project is installing the new Fiat 500 Abarth engine into Bob Martin's Black Dallara X1/9.

    The first step was to purchase a car. This was obtained at auction that Bob and I purchased. Bob picked up the car in August from North Carolina. Currently I am at Bob's House in Radcliff Kentucky and we are playing with the car and doing some testing. This car has several very nice after market performance parts that will not be required in this project. If you are interested in any of these parts please let us know and we will see what we can work out.

    At Bob Martins in Radcliff Kentucky
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  2. Maybe if you work slowly enough some enterprising folks will introduce a FiaDATA programmable replacement ECU to prevent the misery of dealing with stock ECU and its CANN buss expectations... Best of luck to you and Bob on the project!
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  3. TonyK

    TonyK True Classic

    Grimsby Ont Canada
    Thanks Matt. Bob and I prepared to spend a week on understanding some of the electrical systems of the 500 Abarth platform. What we planned and set out to do went very well and in the last few days have learned a lot. The knowledge obtained is not what Fiat manual will tell you or a dealer. Some road testing on an abandoned parking lot proved what we were looking for. Seat of the pants reverse engineering was what we were doing. We had a lead on a fellow that was interested on most of the performance parts, that fell through and the car heads for the Canadian Boarder on Sunday. It is currently loaded on the trailer ready for the trip home.

    Crossing the Board requires export documents, completed and importation into Canada planned for Monday.

    The process has changed since I imported my 87 X from Bruce's parts Bin, just the way things go.


    At Bob Martin's in Radcliff Kentucky.


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