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Abarth Parts

Discussion in 'Workshop Forum' started by imd240zman, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. imd240zman

    imd240zman Low Mileage

    Melbourne, FL
    Can people still get Abarth parts, for the X? And how about getting them in America?
  2. Ulix

    Ulix True Classic

    Stuttgart, Germany

    Abarth made hardly any parts for the X.
    A muffler was available for the euro exhaust manifold, not a great piece.
  3. RacerRon

    RacerRon True Classic

    El Paso, Texas
    Fiat should have made an Abarth version of the X; sales would have jumped appreciatively.
  4. Prototipo

    They did, it was called the Prototipo (was canned because of the Stratos and 131 rally). You will find plenty of info about it (and the proposed road going stradale version) in the Internet.

    Back then Abarth was a real race preparation workshop, not simply a "badge" used to apply to sporty Fiat models.

  5. RacerRon

    RacerRon True Classic

    El Paso, Texas
    I know all about the Prototipo, but it never went into a production car.
  6. phillies4752

    phillies4752 True Classic

    Didn't they make an air intake as well?? I believe I saw one for sale in the classified section of this forum. Looked pretty cool!

  7. Exactly... too bad some of the Prototipo didn't make it into a 'Produzione'!!!
  8. RacerRon

    RacerRon True Classic

    El Paso, Texas
    I think the one you are talking about is the reproduction made by FAZA.


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