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Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by Dr.Jeff, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    At the risk of starting another "oil" debate, I'll add a link to another oil article (hope it isn't redundant, I don't recall seeing any reference to it yet).

    I saw this brief 'Q and A' article about engine oils for classic cars in the recent "Classic Motorsports" email newsletter. I thought some of the info was useful; not too technical but relative enough to answer the questions. The answers come from several oil industry specialists, so look at who is talking (what product company) to help filter out any biases (each answer is followed by that reference).

    Some specific questions address issues that we have discussed recently, like zinc for example. Not too bad of an article overall, considering that car magazines are not what I'd consider scientific journals.
  2. I found it informative. Thanks.
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  3. Ulix

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    Wow, they actually ask all the questions that I would have asked.
    Many of them don't really get answered though. :-/
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  4. gene cooley

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    Henrico, Va
    So we bought our 2010 Pontiac G6 2.4L with 32K miles. Now it has 365K miles. I don't use synthetic oil.
    Using "conventional" wisdom I would have changed the oil approximately 110 times in 8-9 years. Using the oil life readout and changing oil every 6500 to 10,000 miles I have done only about 30 to 40 changes.
    It uses some oil but not really that much. It's hard to tell if I am right or wrong here.
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  5. Dr.Jeff

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    Sin City
    As I mentioned, the answers come from representatives of companies that sell oil products. So take all of their recommendations with a bias in mind.
  6. Cratecruncher

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    I think with 365K on the clock you won - assuming no major engine repairs over that period. One easy way to tell if an engine has had it's oil changed often enough is to pop off a rocker/cam cover and look for sludge. That will tell you a lot about the overall condition of the engine.
  7. gene cooley

    gene cooley Autocrosser

    Henrico, Va
    Cam chain, tensioner and chain guides at 200K. Throttle body around 350K but it was the original cat plugged up, replaced that.
    Alternator at 352K. Thermostat at 325K.
    There's some blowby in the engine but when you check the oil it's difficult to see it on the dipstick, especially when it's warmed up.

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