Alitalia on BAT - auction is complete

Tom Ginefra

True Classic
Congratulations! That's awesome for you and the rest of us current owners.
We may not all have the gem you created, but A rising tide lifts all boats.
Glad everything worked out as well as it did. You and the car deserved it!


True Classic
With my recently acquired '86 parts car, the seller threw in a couple of "gifts". I immediately thought of tigeravg's Alitalia tribute.

gene cooley

Congrats on the sale.
However, you are now entering a critical stage in an auto collector/rebuilder/restorers life. It's called "full pocket--empty garage space syndrome".
Don't worry, it's easy to cure and it doesn't usually last too long.


True Classic
Wow, congratulations. I don't expect my '87 to bring that much but I'm hoping it's a good sign that people are still spending money on cars. I don't know when my auction is going live but it will be soon.