An unusual (or perhaps usual?) collection of vintage cars disclosed in England


True Classic
This is a huge collection of the types of cars I think many of us would have....mainly everyday stuff from many years ago. And frankly some of us would have this many if we had the warehouse this guy has.

The article begins with a video, but I suggest you read the article before watching it to better appreciate what the collection is. Also the video is not great quality all around. I wish they had posted a bunch of pics instead.

Two things stood out to me. 1) The majority of the cars are nothing special really. But I'd love to have many of them. And most appear to be in very good shape considering. 2) There is an amazing amount of bird poop everywhere. Did you see glimpses of the floor in parts of the video? It is a couple inches thick in the stuff.

I noticed several of the cars have what appears(?) to be their expected value written in the dust on the windows [I turned off the sound as soon as that 'yahoo' started off the video jabbering away, so it might have been explained]. If that's what it is, some of them seem ambitious to me, but others not too bad.