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Before I had none, now two. Last year I swore off Scorpions forever. Then I started to miss it. So last month I bought Ron's yellow one and then somebody offered me another. Not sure why I bought it. I am weak when it comes to Scorps.
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Pete Whitstone

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If you need the stuff for the pop-up headlights, I've got it. Motor, pods, cross-bar, etc. Yours for shipping, I'll never use it and it would be better if it went to someone who would.

Or is there a different direction in mind for the headlights?


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Hi Pete, Thanks for the offer, not sure what the plan is yet. There is rust here and there, I need to remove the carpet and see what the condition is. Car came come with an ultra rare VW Monza exhaust.

Chad C.

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Looks like a viable restoration candidate. What's it look like underneath? I'm guessing it doesn't run based on the timing belt pictured on the right side floor, but how's the motor?

The interior looks promising, plenty to work with there if you're up for a color change. Unfortunate that the speakers weren't installed in the kick panel just in front of the door card where the factory provision hides behind the carpet.

Is the Monza exhaust from an air-cooled VW application? If they can be adapted I'd like to know how, as Monza quad tip exhausts of that type are cheap and available locally here.

I'm guessing you're still working out your plans for it if you're not yet sure why you bought it? It seems a good car for the E30 quad headlight look, along with a one piece Montecarlo nose band and Montecarlo bumpers. Is the white paint workable?

Post more pics of this & the yellow one, & report back on what lies under the carpet ; )


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Yeah I don't think I will be keeping this one. I bought it sight unseen and I assumed it was much better. The car needs a total restore. The mouse pee smell is keeping me from diving in. I'll probably try to sell it. Supposedly it has been in a garage since 1985. The car has lived a harsh life for being on
the road for only 9 years.

The yellow one is in the process of getting the brakes bleed, I'll try to finish tonight.