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Anyone noticed the yellow 1977 on Bring a trailer?

Discussion in 'X1/20 Forum' started by Daniel Forest, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Daniel Forest

    Daniel Forest Daily Driver

  2. Chad C.

    Chad C. Low Mileage

    Eugene, Oregon
    Been enjoying the comments. Aside from a few personal taste preferences, it looks like a great car. I like it in yellow, and I suspect that my own '77 will eventually be a vintage Ducati yellow.

    I don't mind the interior, but I don't love it. I guess I feel the same way about our cars' stock interior...

    I'd like to see dyno specs. A BAT commenter seemed to recognize the car & say that he'd done some head work on it, which would help support the hp claim. The listing cited a CR of 10.2:1, presumably achieved with domed pistons, and maybe a bit with a skimmed, and/or 1.8 head. Mechanically, this isn't far off my goal for my own car. So far I've got carbs & cams.

    For the money, I wonder if this car will end up in Europe or Japan. I don't think our cars are appreciated enough by Stateside folks for 15k. Happy to be wrong though!
  3. Pete Whitstone

    Pete Whitstone True Classic

    McKinney, TX
    The interior upholstery appears to be a nod to the 037 interior, most especially the yellow piped arch on the headrest. On an 037, the seats would have been wide wale corduroy and the piping red.


    I don't find it terrible, but it wouldn't be my first choice for this car. I will say that the quality of work appears somewhat lacking, the seats look baggy and the suede around the instrument cluster has some tucks and crows feet that should have been avoided.

  4. RJ80

    RJ80 Daily Driver

    The car definitely has an amateur restoration vibe to it. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but corners were clearly cut and there are some issues (like the ill-fitting upholstery) that will be deal-breakers for some.r
  5. Chad C.

    Chad C. Low Mileage

    Eugene, Oregon
    Sold, $9300. That tells me that my car will likely be worth what I hope to put into it. I think it's a reasonable price for it
  6. BEEK

    BEEK True Classic

    Clermont Fl
    makes me feel not as stupid with what i am putting into mine. Granted i am not building it to sell but just to be able to realize some value for what is invested. Even though I am not looking at it as an investment. Hope that makes sense.
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  7. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    Definitely makes sense, I think we're not crazy for our love of these cars and they will be appreciated in good condition down the road.
  8. darwoodious

    darwoodious Darin Nelson

    Seattle, WA
    These cars (X's, Scorp's) aren't good investor material. Sure are fun to drive and own tho...
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