Bertone Light Door Plastic Cover - REPLICA


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Replica of the light door for X1/9 Bertone. The plastic has been obtained with molding procedure, not simply 3D print process, so quality is quite high. As reference, in the yellow circle you can see the original one; all the other pictures are for the replica. It is easy to break them and they are impossible to find. You can mount them simply pushing inside their housing without dismant the door panel. Fixed model, you have to swith on the light with the button in the dashboard, not pressing directly on the plastic.

Price 25€ + shipping. Located in Italy. Shipping worldwide.

Happy to reply to all your questions.

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Break for shipping for sure, it makes no difference to ship one or ten parts. I search for the cheapest shipping price but, anyway, international shipping for a box can be around 30€. It is also a big effort to compile documents, I am happy for making only one shipping but no problem also for individual one.
Break for price, I can't make a great difference. I am a Bertone owner, I found a person in Italy that makes this kind of replica using molding for myself, but since a lot of Bertone have this lens breaked and since there is no difference in make 2 parts or 20 parts because the real cost is the mold itself, I decided to make more parts. I am not a professional seller, I am not really making money for them, just the pleasure of help other Bertone owner.
I can say that the quality of this part is good, really close to the original also in the details that makes the difference berween a part that fits and a part that requires adaptation and maybe mobbles inside. And I think you cannot find anywhere else, also very rare used parts are always breaked.

If you need other informations, fell free to ask me. Have a nice day and thanks for your reply!