Best of France and Italy.


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So Much To Do

It’s not like the wife is on me to get the house/yard looking good for thanksgiving or Christmas and the stress that it brings with a ticking clock. But I’m feeling it right now with all the minor tweaks, cleaning, etc I was looking forward to completing before the show. Suck in some air…I still have a few weeks.


Daily Driver
Sorry, guys. I won't be there this year. First time missing it since 2011. I drew the short straw and I have to work this coming Sunday.


True Classic
I'll be very curious to hear how this year's show goes. I just posed a report on the SEMA and AAPEX shows that took place this week here in Vegas and they were DEAD! Hopefully the same won't be true for BFI but I suspect some of the same issues might be at play.

Jeff Stich

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Weather should be great; sunny with high clouds, temps in the high 70°s-low 80°s & no threat of rain (so no MudFest on the show field this year). I'll be there with a 1925 Renault NN Torpedo engine & a truckload of random Fiat parts for sale, so I've got both the French & Italian stuff covered. 😏


True Classic
Currently on I-5 headed south. Spending the night in Redding. My only other time at this event I met up with some locals for breakfast. Is that a thing, or does COVID have that out of the plans?

Sadly not coming in a Fiat this year, but looking forward to seeing some Xweb and Mira folks on Sunday.



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I expect it to be light but its a local show for most locals and there will be folks there. I will be bringing something special not italian, Ron dont spoil it). Just curious if Bob T will be doing his early morning breakfast or not...


Bob Brown
Last time I was at BFI was with my friend Tony Natoli.
Stayed at his home that weekend too.
Been a few years now but it would not be the same without him. :(


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I just might be one of your customers Jeff. Hoping to find a few needed (or just cool to have) parts here and there.

Is Bob hosting the breakfast this year?

Bob B. I’ll hover over Tony’s favorite table for a moment of silence. If I listen carefully enough, I should be able to hear his wonderful boisterous laugh echoing throughout the park.


Baja Bob
No pre-show Breakfast at Pride, sorry. I'll miss seeing everyone early Sunday. I think we did it annually for six years. Sold Pride Auto Body last October. Still have six X1/9's. All "in-progress"


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Sorry guys, I was so busy talking to people I haven’t seen in two years and looking at ’new’ never at the show cars and recent restorations that I forgot to take any pictures. I mean not a one.