Best oil filter for a 87 fiat bertone?


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I normally use a Fram PH43 - internally they're not the best, but good enough. I've recently switched to WIX, but I use the WIX 51068 which is the equivalent size to the PH43. The WIX filters are well made. I now use their filters on all my cars (I use WIX XP where available). I change the oil once at the beginning of the season (about 5K kms)

The PH43/WIX51068 is a larger filter, and still clears the body structure with no problem.

Oil wise (not that you asked! - but I see oil threads are always popular on the internet, lol) - I've switched over to Driven HR1 15w50 oil which contains high ZDDP. I may go with HR5 since my other classic uses 10w40 (both are conventional oils with higher ZDDP than most over the counter stuff).
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I love Baldwin. B34 works great for an X1/9.
If you look up an '83 Fiat X1/9 on the Baldwin site they list BT5 for the oil filter. If you look up '84 Bertone X1/9 they list B34. I have been using BT5 on my '85. Longer than the B34 by 1.6 mm and larger diameter by 14.3 mm, but fits just fine.


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You can also look up Volvo 240, 740

Indeed! I think I tried a PH7328 (I'd have to check) filter on top of an oil cooler sandwich and there was plenty of clearance to the chassis. I believe the 7328 is a Volvo fitment, maybe the 850?! not sure.


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I use the Bosch D3402 it is similar to the Bosch 3402 the difference "D" is for "Distance Plus".
The filter by themself is more heavy and robust.

The bad think is ... little bit expensive.


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WIX lists the correct filter as 51189. Why do you use the 51056 or 51058?

The 51068 is the same filter on my vintage Mopar - so I use the same just for convenience, crosses to a Fram PH43 (I was using Fram PH43 since 1989 on my X1/9). To be honest, I didn't know that the 51189 is the "correct" filter listed for the X1/9, but I'll compare the two. I would imagine that they're quite similar (bypass valve, filter media, etc.) but I'll check that out! Thanks!


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Just for reference... It probably doesn't matter much :)
Are any of these filters the size of the old Fram PH7? I put a Bosch 3402 on when I installed the 1500 but it is a fraction of the size of the PH7 on my 1300.