Bob Martin's Abarth Swap, Getting Close

Discussion in 'Nuova 500' started by TonyK, Oct 8, 2019.

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    Grimsby Ont Canada
    In between trying to keep my son's new house build progressing I have been working on Bob's car. Time is permitted when it is raining and my Son's site is just to wet and muddy to work at.

    The list is getting shorter, although I am waiting for a heater valve that Bob sourced in Kentucky and is currently in the mail. I do not want to run the engine with the heater valve leaking coolant in the passenger compartment and near my gas pedal foot.

    So due to interference with the intercooler plumbing the right engine cover hinge needs to be shifted 1 1/2" out board. The Engine cover requires a cut out for clearance and then it all fits together.

    I also made a heat mat for the rear trunk as the sheet metal cover would need to be cut due to the module box taking up room to the lower trunk pan.


    Grimsby Ontario Canada.
    DSC00778.JPG DSC00779.JPG DSC00780.JPG DSC00781.JPG DSC00782.JPG DSC00783.JPG DSC00784.JPG GOPR0956.JPG
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