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Discussion in 'Nuova 500' started by TonyK, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. TonyK

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    Grimsby Ont Canada
    This car caught my eye so I bid on it.

    It was hit in the front end but the corners were straight so I took a chance and bid.

    To bid I needed to sign up with a broker Auto Bid Master and pay a membership fee, then post a 10% deposit of what my max bid would be. I looked through the cars for many weeks until this one was on the block. Actually there was a car in Hueyville Tennessee that the bidding got to be just stupid and I let someone else pay what I felt was an over priced bid. If you are on the Copart web site you can go to the explanation of additional fees. Copart takes a fee based on the final bid and Auto Bid Master takes $250 per car plus Title fee $80. So an additional $800 will be added to your bid of $4000 or less. All of this has to be consider before bidding.

    Payment is by wire transfer only US bidders have 24 hours to pay or pay a late penalty. International bidders have 48 hours.

    So I bid on the car there was another bidder but I held out and purchased the car. Now here comes the fast track. I need to get the car out of the Copart yard within 7 days of purchase. If I do not get the car within 7 days a $100 removal fee is levied plus $50 per day storage fee. After 2 weeks I forfeit the vehicle. Now I live in Canada which complicates matters extremely, the title is mailed to the owner, me. That took 3 weeks. To export there is paper work to fill out and then a 72 hour wait time to see if the vehicle has a lean against it before it can leave the USA. The USA looks at a car as if it is an asset to some one or some corporation. Again all of this takes time and how do I get past this? Bob Martin to the rescue.

    Bob was generous enough to drive from Kentucky to South Carolina for me and pick up the car.

    So here are a few pictures of the process from Bob's eyes.

    Here is Bob at the counter with the bill of sale and my letter stating he is acting as my agent to pick up the vehicle.

    Copart uses loaders with big forks to load the vehicle.


    Her is the car waiting to be put into Bob's trailer.


    On the forks and ready.
    In the trailer.


    At Bob Martin's in Kentucky.


    Currently I have prepared the paper work for export from the USA and will be bring the car into Canada on the 15th of October. There are some hoops to jump through but as long as I bring the car into Canada for parts only, which is the purpose, not to be road vehicle things get a bit easier. The status of the car when Bob picked up was not running. With some phone communication and trouble shooting Bob now has the car running. There were a few leaks, but those issues have been resolved. More on this latter.


    Grimsby Ontario Canada. View attachment 14897 upload_2018-8-30_21-48-0.png P7170039.JPG P7170050.JPG P7170052.JPG P7170053.JPG P7170055.JPG P7260059.JPG P7260062.JPG View attachment 14897 upload_2018-8-30_21-48-0.png P7170039.JPG
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    Toronto, ON Canada

    Well, there might be a few things I'll end up buying off of you from that car (assuming you'll sell bits you don't need like the other cars). I'll send you a PM.

    And thank you Bob!
  3. TonyK

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    Grimsby Ont Canada
    IMG_0491.JPG IMG_0492.JPG IMG_0495.JPG IMG_0493.JPG IMG_0498.JPG This week I am at Bob Martins preparing the car for export to Canada. The car is in Bob's garage but needs some work before I can drive it out of the back yard and load it on to the trailer. The right front corner saw a 4" compression or crush. The right motor mount sheared and was replaced and a new rad from Rock Auto was installed, the Rock Auto Rad was only $87 USD shipped to Bob's house. Anyway, a bit of threaded rod and some pipe made up spacers to allow the rad to be installed and the car to be started.

    Here are a few pictures.


    At Bob Martin's in Radcliff Kentucky.
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  4. lookforjoe

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    So Tony, the motor/transaxle comes/drops out the front on these? I have to change the engine in my wife's 2012 500S. I'm assuming drop the subframe & drivetrain complete, from pics I can find...

    EDIT - Just saw you other post, I'll review the link

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