Bye Bye to my 124 Special


Old enough to know better
Sorry to see it leave your ownership. You have been an excellent steward.

It looks very good, nice work.


Waiting for Godot...
Well, it's not going to my home so I'm not sure I agree it's going to a "good" home!
Oooooh!! carl is throwin' down on who would provide the best home! This could end up like the great Father's Day Brawl of '07. I ran into some asshat at Walmart that had the balls to be wearing a "World's Greatest Dad" t-shirt. My kids had only that morning crowned me "World's greatest Dad" with an official ball cap. I screamed "This shall not stand" as I charged him. The scrum increased in size as other "World's Greatest Dad" challengers joined to defend their titles. It really got out of hand when the Dads got too close to the melee involving the "World's Greatest Grandpas" over in aisle 3. Many a kiosk of Great Value chips were despoiled. Dark days my friends, dark days.


True Classic
And here I thought I had a problem with my kids buying me Life is Good T-shirts because they know I hate them.

Here in the DC metro area we exhibit bad adult behavior by terrible driving (or terrible government).


Chris Granju
I think it went to a pretty decent home. Sometimes, there are reports of overcrowding & malnutrition, but there's lots of love and no one is proclaiming dominance via hats or T-shirts. :)

Joe S.

Daily Driver
I would love to find a 124 Special. Here is a pic of me with my mom's 124 in the background....


Chris Granju
it went fast, apparently. A few people on this (the east) side of the country seemed interested, but I'm guessing a local just flat towed it to his or her garage within a day or so.