cap\rotor brush for marelli S135 distributor

Discussion in 'Front Wheel Drive Fiats' started by ghostdancing, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. ghostdancing

    ghostdancing True Classic

    this morning my 128 coupe refused to start (first time after 1 year of owning)..after thinkering with spark plugs and distributor cap\rotating brush (what's the correct word in english??) she started as usual, runs good.

    spark plugs are kinda new (i mounted a set of bosch platinum last year) and were only wet, but the distributor cap\brush contacts are not so nice (as far i can tell: no previous experience on this)

    must admit it's the first time i open the distributor cap; i mounted a CD unit last year (it works with the original points), and the car goes well..of course want to fix the issue and avoid side road i'm looking for a new set cap\rotating distributor should be the marelli S135, do you think this set it's ok?

    in the second picture of the listing (you have to zoom for reading) the box says 127 (all)..searchig on the web looks like they were equiped with S155 distributor..maebe it's the same body of the 135?

    have to say that i always think to make a complete distributor overhaul, but i dont know how to set it back in its position (timing issue) when removed

    any suggestion greatly appreciated..
  2. fiatfactory

    fiatfactory Steve Cecchele

    Western Australia
    late 128's were fitted with S155 but cap is screw down style, not clip down like S135... so won't fit your car.
  3. ghostdancing

    ghostdancing True Classic

    yes, mine it's the clips type..i also noticed that the cap once the clips are on has an amount of play, it can rotate some this affect timing?

    i saw this electronic unit:

    price it's fair (femsa was a spanish company, purchased by bosh many years ago..) do you think it can be a good upgrade instead of a refurbishment of my original dizzy?
  4. kmead

    kmead Insufferable dum bass

    Looks like a variation on the non vacuum advance Marelli system used on 124s and the 128s known as a Plex unit. Looks like the same pickup unit inside with the white cable.

    I would want to verify that you can get rotors and caps for it. Looks like a nice unit overall.
  5. ghostdancing

    ghostdancing True Classic

    dont know if spares are still available for these units..but saw on spanish classified marketsite that they sold (@ eu 250,00) these ignition for a variety of older fiats\SEAT model (pushrod engines, because looks like SEAT never had the SOHC motor in its range, for example they made the 128 3P with the 1400 pushrod motor)... anyway i do expect years of trouble free service with a new part like this..

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