Car Color hand written behind seat...?


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So, I have taken my Fiat completely apart and one of the last things I have removed is the interior. This is a USA car. Behind the driver's seat under the interior material (I won't call it leather yet, cause I can't confirm it is), on the metal is written, "argento." Argento in Italian is silver. ag is the periodic table symbol. So, the question is, has anybody else ran into this as well? Is there a reason somebody would hand write the car color in that area? Here is a picture or two.


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I don't recall exactly what was noted, but we have seen writing similar to yours in other Xs over the years.


Steve Cecchele
Yeah the orange car I'm making into a lemons racer has "Arancio" written in crayon , looks like it was put there after priming but before final colour was applied... would have been cool to use a yellow car and see the word "Limone" :)


Dan Sarandrea (Phila)

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There have been several pictures posted over the years, and no doubt many more in Henk's La Storia book, of exxies in various states of assembly at Bertone's Grugliasco factory. Some pix show lines of unpainted cars on 4-caster dollies.

Based on your discovery, I'd say that the factory probably batched cars in colors, thus the need for someone on the line to designate these 10, or 15, or however many cars made this week as cars to be painted in that color. That way, they could get some degree of economy of scale and consistency of finish by painting say 15 at a time, as compared to painting a green car, then changing guns to paint a red car, then changing guns to paint a black car.


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Mine had the same. It read "ORO" written sideways in what looked like someone with gold paint on their finger! As if someone leaned in the car on the driver's side.


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But aren't these markings on top of the already painted surface so I don't think it's an indicator of what color the car will be before it's painted.


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Yeah the youtube series X1/9 Green Machine shows his as written "verde".

This seems very common, indeed most if not all of them.

I wish whomever did mine back in the day had picked real rosso instead of nail polish rosso metallic. Grrr