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  1. Dr.Jeff

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    Sin City
    Unfortunately I've never had a 850 or any Fiat with these engines (I've only had SOHC and DOHC), so I don't know anything about them. Did any of the production versions ever come with a 2 barrel carburetor? Thanks.
  2. Jeff Stich

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    Norco, CA
    All 850 Coupe, Spider, Racer & Special variants used the 2-barrel Weber 30DIC or 30DIC/A carb. The 850 Sedan used the 1-barrel Weber 30ICF. There were also Holley-Europea versions of each respective carb made under license from Weber.
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  3. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    Thanks Jeff. Do the 30DIC and DIC-A have the same base pattern (mounting bolt locations) as the stock carbs for either the 124 or X1/9?
  4. Frank L. Di Gioia

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    las vegas, nevada
    Hi Dr. Jeff,
    I just walked out to the garage and slapped one of each base to base. 30 DICA to 32mm DMTR. Answer is NO. Narrow way holes are about 1/4" off, long way abort 3/4 off. Studs/bolts on 30 DICA are also smaller diameter.
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