Concourso Italiano in Seattle: Sep. 2nd - BE THERE! Sign up 4 display ASAP!!!

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    The yearly Concourso Italiano will be held on Sunday, September 2nd down on one of the Piers at the waterfront in Seattle. Sorry I don't have the Pier #, but you can't miss it. Many beautiful Italian cars on display.

    Fiat Enthusiasts Northwest (FEN) has been invited to participate by entering cars in the show. The cost is normally $35 per entry, but if ten or more cars sign up in advance through FEN, the cost will be $25 per entry. The deadline is August 8th. FEN would like to invite Seattle X1/9 members to join them in displaying as many Fiat/Bertones as possible. If you're interested, contact Dan Rian at (425) 483-9765 or via e-mail at:


    Alright all youz locals!! Listen up! Although the advance signup deadline mentioned by Alisoun is now past, I have just had a great phone call with the event organizers and they have quite graciously offered to extend that deadline so all the slackers who are still wrenching in the garage can still have one last shot to get their cars in & help us get that 10+ car discount!

    Bruce Carroll has said to me that they will accept advance signups from FEN all the way up to "about 10 days prior to the event", meaning the new cutoff will be NO LATER THAN THURSDAY AUGUST 23rd!!

    Anyone from SeaX (or indie local Fiatheads too!) who still wishes to get their car in and be included in the FEN/SeaX display (and thereby help everyone get in on the cheap heehee!) should IMMEDIATELY contact Dan Rian direct at (425) 483-9765 or via e-mail at: WITHOUT DELAY!!

    This will be the first time in 3 years that my X1/9 will not be on display, due to the recent nosecone damage from my buddy backing into me with his 4x4 (ouch!) and I also just missed out on FEN's big bash last weekend (sorry guys damn!) so I would really like to see as strong a local SeaX presence as possible at this event, A] to show our support for FEN and B] to show our collective presence as enthusiasts to all who will attend the Seattle Concours as spectators.

    So if you have an X, a Scorp, a Fiat or Lancia that is in decent, great or show-stopping condition (you listening Ken Stixrud???) then get on it and make that call NOW! Hope to see you all there on Sunday September 2nd! -Mac.

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