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True Classic
Damon Royal Kane is gone...


Like some of you, I just received this message from Michele, wife of Damon.

"Damon is gone. He went peacefully this morning here at home as he wished. Thank you all for the emails, he really enjoyed reading them, as did I.

There will be a memorial service in 2-3 months, a celebration of his life as he wanted it to be.

Thank you, Michele"

I'm actually too sad to comment. Damon was really important too me, he was one of my best friend.

Daniel Forest
Montréal, Canada



Sad news is that Damon Kane died peacefully this morning, after fighting ALS for many years. I recall mostly his enthusiasm, and that little of the struggle that ALS makes of everyday life came through in his posts. R.I.P. Damon.


Our friend and long time member Damon Royal Kane lost his battle with ALS today peacefully at his home. He was a great friend and inspiration to all who knew him. Words don't satisfy an adequate description.
—Fiat Club America


Tony Natoli
Yep... I was about to post this as well...

He was quite the enthusiast and quite the fighter! The folks out that way knew him best and I only knew him through this medium and private messages.

He is a loss to all "communities"...


Bob Brown
Got to see Damon at FFO 2013

He was also acknowledged for his contributions during the group dinner.
Damon was a good man and loyal X1/9 enthusiast.

His most memorial post HERE:

Dan Sarandrea (Phila)

Waitin' On Parts...
Sad Indeed

I met Damon about 18 months ago at a local FIAT dealer hosting a party for classic and new FIAT owners.

When he arrived at the event, you could tell by their reaction that the folks who had know Damon for a long time had a lot of love and respect for him as a fellow enthusiast and as a person. I got to speak with him just briefly....we had a difficult time communicating due to his condition.

My condolences to Damon's family and friends.

I would be honored to attend the prospective memorial service in my X1/9.


1981 RHD X1/9
Great guy and friend

I met Damon back in 1994 on our way to the FFO in Poughkeepsie, NY. He was kind enough to allow us weary travelers to stop over at his place for the night. We have been friends every since. He will be missed.


Low Mileage
Damon Royal Kane - Gerd - X1/9DOC

Sad News,
my condolences to Michele, his Family and all his friends.

I'm connected to him in a great friendship over 21 years now.
We get close friends through our passion for live, design, automotive fascination, good food and meeting people.

All starts with the Fiat Bertone X1/9 in 1992.

I'm so glad to visit Michele and Damon a few weeks ago and partizipate with them the FFO 2013 in Long Island.
And I had phantastic last drive with him in his Miata
on his favorite small roads of PA at 25th of July 2013.

"Dear Damon,
great time to know you.
Thank you for your friendship.
Your spirit will be allways awake in all your friends."

Rest in Peace
Your friend


ian - NZ
Sorry to read this sad news...!

I only knew Damon thru Xweb - his posts always confirmed him as a knowledgable and very articulate guy!

RIP Damon.

Ian Lawson - NZ


Old enough to know better
I met Damon in person two FFO's ago as we waited for the group photo. I was hanging out quite close to where his car was parked, he rolled up and we started a conversation, he used his iPad as he wasn't able to easily speak at the time.

We continued with email and Facebook conversations on and off over the months to come. I knew his illness was getting the best of him, but aside from how it limited him he wasn't complaining.

Definitely an inspiration for us and someone we all could hope to emulate. Godspeed to you Damon and my thoughts are with everyone in his family in this time of mourning.


True Classic
The last time I saw Damon as in Nashville at the FFO a couple of years ago. He explained to me what was going on with him and he probably wouldn't be here in a couple of years.

His older brother died of the same disease which was hereditary. That had to be hard to know it was quite possible you could come down with the same disease.

Damon and I went to Europe back in 1997 to tag along with the UK X 1/9 club. We spent the first day walking around London. Then traveled through France, Switzerland and onto Italy. We got to see the Bertone and Maserati factories. That was a trip of a lifetime.

I'll always be thankful to Damon for inviting me on the trip and forfulling a life long dream to getting to see Europe.

A mutual friend sent me an email of his condition last week that he requested to be taken off a ventilator but was still able to read emails from his tablet. So I sent him a brief email thanking him.


1800CC SOHC X1/9
I was moved by him

I first met Damon in Nashville at the FFO
I sat at the breakfast table with him not knowing who he was
He thanked me for making the X what it could be
one of the nicest people I met at the FFO Nashville
I saw him again at the L I FFO and was a little stunned at his demise
but I started the 1800 revved it up and he smiled and applauded
I was so happy to see him so pleased as was everyone around us
I wish I had photos of him them
A wonderful person
God rest his soul


74 & 87 X1/9
Just thinking of our friend Damon

The Delaware Valley Chapter of FLU (Fiat Lancia Unlimited) put together a memorial page for Damon. The link is below. There are three links below the picture that show Damon and the rebuild of his X1/9. I also added some pictures below. Damon wanted to restore his X1/9 with the short time he had. Thanks to all who assisted with the restoration. Thank you MIke DeWane for taking great pictures. I would like to thank Damon's wife, Michele, for being brave and giving Damon the best care.


Lou Teresi
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