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Michael Oxman

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I'm not sure why I want the annoying key warning chime to work, but it does not work. I pulled the chime box and using my meter there is no current running to the chime when the key is in the on position. I looked at the wiring diagram and circuit description from the electric manual (below), and I don't see how to go about troubleshooting. My seatbelt buzzer does not work either, so if the chime is grounded out by putting in the seatbelt, I'm assuming the fact that neither works is related. I couldn't find the actual "remove key switch" referenced in the manual to check that. Too many generations of copying made it too dark for me to read.

Can someone give me some troubleshooting advice or point me to an old thread? I didn't see one. If it matters, the only electric things in the car that don't work right now are the warning chime and the seatbelt buzzer. Clock, lighter and door lights all work fine.


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Bjorn H
The original ignition switch had a 4 pin connector for power, and a separate two-pin connector for a key detection switch. When the key is inserted, the key detection switch closes. The buzzer gets power from this key detection switch. If your ignition switch has ever been replaced, there is a good chance the replacement came without the key detection switch, and so the buzzer will never sound. Have a look at the ignition switch and look for a pair of thinner (white?) wires in addition the the bundle of 4 thicker wires.


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What Randolph said. This is a problem with the current batch of replacement ignitions. Alternatively, you could check to see if someone unplugged the two white wire coming from the ignition switch. The former reason is why I rebuilt my switch rather than replace it. There are enough modded Xs going around, I like the original experience.

Michael Oxman

The Journey Begins!
Solved! So I found the white wire connector by the ignition, unplugged it and plugged it back in firmly, and I got power to the chime leads, but still no chime. Tested the chime on the battery and it was good. I was about to cut off the spade connectors and replace them, but thought I'd try reversing the leads for the heck of it and voila! I have chime. Someone along the way, either mistakenly or deliberately, reversed them. What a nice sounding chime! Like a little xylophone. Thanks for the help.