Early X1/9 Parts For Sale

Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by JTBernhardt, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. JTBernhardt

    JTBernhardt Daily Driver

    San Francisco, CA
    I recently parted out a '75 X1/9 and am trying to sell some of the parts to make some more room in storage and help fund the engine rebuild on my '71 124 Spider. All prices are listed below and are or best offer. Prices do not include actual shipping costs from San Francisco, CA. Paypal preferred.


    * Dash speaker grill #2, slight imperfection on right side- $45

    * Rear view mirror, slight imperfection on lower right corner, day/night function works - $35

    * '74 Handbrake and choke bezel, near perfect - $55

    * Two distributor block offs for 128 series engines - $40 ea

    * Rear interior vinyl cover for firewall + upper shelf "speaker" cover without holes. Two small imperfections on vinyl, one small hole on upper shelf. - $50

    Front Grill: Free of cracks, three bottom screw posts have broken off - $150 Pending Sale

    Steering wheel: rubber in good shape, back side of wheel shows some surface rust, includes horn button assembly - $35 Pending Sale

    Center console: right side panel needs to be re-attached, one small crack near lower switch area, includes fiber optic connects, switches, and ash tray - $45 Pending Sale

    Taillights: Lenses in fair shape, some sun damage on lenses, housings have no cracks but are faded, all mounting studs are in tact and hardware and lenses are included - $35

    License plate lights: includes wiring and gaskets - $35 set Pending Sale

    Trunk/engine bay release levers: some light scratches on levers - $35 set Pending Sale

    Instrument cluster: light surface rust on rev counter, missing front plastic - $45 Pending Sale

    Dash speaker grill: near perfect condition - SOLD

    Dash upper vent- $10

    Seat Belts - $25 set

    Rear view mirror: mirror is clear, but the black surround has one crack and the day/night function switch is broken - $15

    Bow tie gas cap: Slight fading/pitting, includes inner gasket - $20

    Side scoops - $40 set

    Engine cover bezels: have some cracks, but are usable “Unleaded”
    '75-'78 style - SOLD

    Side vent - $25 set

    Wiper cowl grills: one small hole on left side grill, no cracks - $45 set - Right cowl pending sale

    Small interior b pillar grill - $5 Pending Sale

    Front headlight area grills: One broken rear post, can be drilled and attached with screws on late model cars with deleted bumpers - SOLD

    Column Switch Early – $75

    Column Switch Late: note that the connectors are the ’79-'83 style, can be modified to accept later ‘84-'88 connectors- $75

    IMG_4794.jpg IMG_4795.jpg IMG_4796.jpg IMG_4797.jpeg IMG_4798.jpg IMG_4799.jpg IMG_4800.jpg IMG_4807.jpg IMG_4808.jpg IMG_4809.jpg
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  2. Eastep

    Eastep True Classic

    Ill take the engine cover grills. PayPal ready
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  3. JTBernhardt

    JTBernhardt Daily Driver

    San Francisco, CA
    Engine cover grills and Front headlight grills SOLD!
  4. If the seat belts are the shoulder harness type, I'm interested. The 74 cars only came with lap belts and I've been meaning to upgrade them for the last 44 years.
  5. JTBernhardt

    JTBernhardt Daily Driver

    San Francisco, CA
    These are the '74-'78 style lap belt receivers.
  6. Got it. Thanks.
  7. JTBernhardt

    JTBernhardt Daily Driver

    San Francisco, CA
    Some new parts have been added.
  8. DarrenHNZ

    DarrenHNZ True Classic

    New Zealand
  9. DarrenHNZ

    DarrenHNZ True Classic

    New Zealand
    Can I purchase the rear vinyl please. Shipping to NZ or I can supply a US forwarding address. Can I PM you
  10. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    Hi JT, bringing up your old post to see if you happen to have either of the two distributor blanking plugs still available? Please contact me, thanks. Jeff
  11. MikeHynes

    MikeHynes True Classic

    Goodfield, IL.
    Hi JT, I would like the '74 e-brake surround. I'll pm you.
  12. Fiat128red

    Fiat128red Fiat X1/9 5speed

    Coimbra, Portugal
    distributor block offs for 128 series engines, it's still available?
  13. Jeff Fischer

    Jeff Fischer Daily Driver

    Calgary, Alberta
    Did you sell the wiper cowl grills?.. looking for a passengers side one

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