Epsilon Three-piece basketweave wheels 4x98 15x7/15x8

Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by RJ80, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. RJ80

    RJ80 True Classic

    Kitsap, WA
    My still-not-roadworthy Lancia Scorpion came with a set of period-correct Southern Ways Epsilon wheels. These are genuine three-piece wheels with 4x98 PCD, measuring 15x7 front and 15x8 rear. I've long been debating which wheels to run on the car, sizes, etc and have decided that these are really overkill for my application, even though they look great. The big issue for me is the 8-inch rears, which really need 215-width tires at a minimum (they currently have 225s mounted). I don't particularly want to go wider than 205 rear.

    From research, it seems Epsilons in a 15x7 size tend to weigh about 16 lbs each, figure an extra pound or so for the wider rears. I can tell you, taking them off the car with tires mounted, they feel pretty light. These are genuine three-piece wheels, so you could potentially have them widened or narrowed with appropriate new barrels.

    For now, here are some shots of the wheels on the car to give an impression of what they look like with some cool vintage Pirelli P7s on them (also see my #1733 thread in the Scorpion section for more). The polished lips are in great shape, but the black centers are starting to fade and could stand to be refinished.

    It's tough to pin a value on these, but let's say $800 including lug nuts (my car has studded hubs) and five-year-old Falken performance summer tires 195/50 front, 225/50 rear. I'm still still several months from having the car on the road and these wheels/tire are currently on the car to move it around, so I'm just seeing if there's any interest here to help fund a different set of wheels. It should be said, tire selection is very good in these sizes and they'd also make a nice set of track wheels. If there's no interest, I'll probably put track tires on them myself and keep them for that purpose.
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  2. Chad C.

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    Eugene, Oregon
    But they look so damn perfect on the car! They give the car more of a Lotus Esprit style. Makes me wonder which wheels you'd prefer for your application. My Scorpion has more urgent needs, but I have some serious want for them...
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  3. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    Love the tread design on those tires, kind of Lambo Countach. What wheel style are you wanting to go to now?
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  4. RJ80

    RJ80 True Classic

    Kitsap, WA
    Thanks, Chad... I agree, they do look nice! If all four were 15x7 they’d be fine, but a 205-width tire on an 8-inch wheel is more stretch than I’m comfortable with. Thinking about ordering a set of new Ronal A1s in 15x7 and fitting 205/50s all around — they are very close to the stock outer diameter, just a little wider.
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  5. RJ80

    RJ80 True Classic

    Kitsap, WA
    Yep, Pirelli P7s were the ‘hot’ supercar tire in the late ‘70s and were fitted standard to the Porsche 930 (911 Turbo), Lamborghini Countach and Fiat Abarth 131 Rally. They are currently being reissued in a 205/50/15, but cost nearly $300/tire. Ouch!
  6. Fiataccompli

    Fiataccompli Chris Granju

    Knoxville, TN
    Those would also be wonderful for a 124 Coupe
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