FFO 2018 Orlando Who is going

Discussion in 'Events Forum' started by BEEK, May 6, 2018.

  1. BEEK

    BEEK True Classic

    Clermont Fl
    I figured some one should start a thread...So I did it. I would like to meet and mingle with like minded fiat aficionados. I will be there on saturday and sunday. I have to coach a High School football game in Clearwater friday night. I hope to bring my scorpion. The backup plan is my spider.

    So..... please respond if you are going to attend.
  2. Fiataccompli

    Fiataccompli Chris Granju

    Knoxville, TN
    I'm planning on being there. With what Fiat (or any Fiat) remains to be seen for me.
  3. Mechanogeek

    Mechanogeek True Classic

    Jacksonville, FL
    I will be driving down from Jacksonville on at least one of the days. Sadly, since my X that I am rebuilding will not be roadworthy by then, I will be driving the black Cadillac. Oh well.
  4. Daniel Forest

    Daniel Forest True Classic

    I hope it's at least the Pininfarina designed Allante.
  5. Brayden_connolly

    Brayden_connolly True Classic

    Ill be there!
  6. Mechanogeek

    Mechanogeek True Classic

    Jacksonville, FL
    I really liked the Allante when I test drove one many moons back. But for now, a CT6 awd with the NA V6 is the ride of choice.
  7. JDExSquid

    JDExSquid Not quite a Daily Driver!

    Stockbridge, GA
    I will be there, but staying at Saratoga springs instead of Coronado (DVC Member)
  8. bensonbe

    bensonbe True Classic

    Carlisle, PA.
    I will be there!
  9. Mechanogeek

    Mechanogeek True Classic

    Jacksonville, FL
  10. TonyK

    TonyK True Classic

    Grimsby Ont Canada
    Bob Martin and I are here and have been since Sunday Night.
    Not much happening yet but I expect tomorrow to see cars start rolling in.


    FFO 2018 Orlando
  11. Mechanogeek

    Mechanogeek True Classic

    Jacksonville, FL
    I've decided to come down to Orlando with the big ol' red Chevy pickup with a bunch of the parts from my 82 X1/9. I posted in FS&W. Should be there early Friday morning. Might decide to come down tomorrow night instead.

    I am staying at the Springhill Suites. Budgetary issues. :-(
  12. toofast

    toofast Steve Zito

    Central Florida
    I am not a club member, but since I live so close to the Lakeridge Winery, I had to stop by there this morning and show off my X. Ran into Matt and his family which was nice. He enjoyed seeing my car, which used to be his. I was hoping some of the attendees would see this post and I would like to tell them all I had a great time this morning and hope you enjoy FFO 2018!
  13. Kevin B (Asheville NC)

    Kevin B (Asheville NC) Administrator Moderator

    Asheville, NC
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