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Discussion in 'Rear-Engine Fiats' started by ramona300, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. ramona300

    ramona300 True Classic

    I'm gathering bits more my next engine project and will need to fit a taller final drive for my coupe. Final drive at the moment is the stock 8/39. Pulled down 3 gearboxes yesterday I have laying about. Thought at least one was a sedan box 8/37 but two were 8/39 and one 8/41. Ideally I want a Simca 1000 final drive 9/41. Anyone have one they are hoarding by chance?
  2. t38bob

    t38bob Bob Tobin

    I have an Abarth 9/37 that I bought from Berni a few years ago...Ended up not using it. PM me if you want more info.
  3. ramona300

    ramona300 True Classic

    Pm sent I hope! 9/37 seems a bit tall, what car used this ratio?
  4. Jeff Stich

    Jeff Stich True Classic

    Norco, CA
    The 4.11 (9/37) was usually used on the 1300/124 & OTR/OTS cars, & optional on the OT1000.
  5. ramona300

    ramona300 True Classic

    Thanks Jeff. I would really like a Simca 1000 final drive. Used to be plenty about years ago.
  6. myredracer

    myredracer True Classic

    About a dozen years ago I bought a Simca R&P set off ebay in France. The Simca club in France may have some ideas where to find one or there is a Simca Facebook page. I ended up selling the R&P and I'm pretty sure it went to someone in Australia. Have you tried the turbo124 forum?

    I just pulled the engine and transaxle out of my 1300/124 and the Abarth tag on the transaxle is marked as having a 9/35 R&P. I believe most 1300/124s had a 9/37 ratio with a 1280cc engine producing 88 HP. My 600 Abarth resto-mod transaxle has a 9/39 R&P that I bought from Scuderia T. and the engine is 1050cc built on a 903cc block and will be in the 80-90 HP range. The 9/39 is supposedly a better choice for a 1050cc motor due to it's longer stroke crank and somewhat higher torque output.

    I just bought an 850 transaxle with close ratio gears and has an 8/37 R&P which is off an early sedan with 12" wheels. Gear ratios are 2.06/1.74/1.41/1.17 and are definitely "close"! Stock is It was used for racing and the ring gear is welded up and locked solid and would be an interesting driving experience...
  7. ramona300

    ramona300 True Classic

    I'm a regular on the turbo 124forum and I have read about the Simca set that came from you most probably. I bought two gearboxes from sedans but they ended up having come from the S versions with 13 inch wheels. There is an early box available in Queensland so it might mean a bit of a drive.
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