Fiat cabriolet / convertible wanted

Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by HazN, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. HazN

    HazN True Classic

    Email received:

    I am looking to buy a Fiat cabriolet / convertible from the 1950's to the 1960's. I would like a 1200 or 1500. Would you know of any club members that might have one for sale?
    Thank you,

  2. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli

  3. bertone9

    bertone9 I'm in-Xane

    So Cal

    If I understand this correctly, this refers to any top less. Are you looking for a runner, a project car or a particular model collectible convertible?
  4. HazN

    HazN True Classic

    Don't ask me. Ask him. Thanks! <nt>

  5. Kevin B (Asheville NC)

    Kevin B (Asheville NC) Administrator Moderator

    Asheville, NC
    I got the same e-mail Haz, and sent him a half dozen links from a google search.

    Tough to find a good one that is affordable.
  6. bertone9

    bertone9 I'm in-Xane

    So Cal

    I got you, I own this barn find a 68 124 that needs some serious TLC, it was running when parked 10 yrs ago; I'm the second owner. I will revive it to make it road worthy again.


    I will contact the party, tnx
  7. Jeff Stich

    Jeff Stich True Classic

    Norco, CA
    "I am looking to buy a Fiat cabriolet/convertible from the 1950's to the 1960's. I would like a 1200 or 1500" = He's looking for a particular model; Fiat 1200 Cabriolet or Fiat 1500 Cabriolet.
  8. bertone9

    bertone9 I'm in-Xane

    So Cal

    Thanks for clarifying, owning a fiat is a learning experience for me.
  9. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli

    Just for Grins...

    in the US... around the era of Model A's in the 30's there were Roadsters, Convertibles, Cabriolets, Coupes and Sedans. Hardtops (or pillar-less) were generally not invented until the '50's if I recall.

    A Roadster was generally an auto with ONLY a windshield (windscreen) and absolutely no side windows or tops.

    A Convertible was usually a rag-top that folded and either had no side windows at all or some snap on types that were, and still are, found on Jeeps today. Another name from Europe were "Drop-heads" and I imagine there were more...

    A Cabriolet was usually a modified Coupe of sorts that had solid window frames on the side doors and a fixed windshield, but had a canvas covered top and rear portion that either folded, came off, or was actually AFFIXED to the solid top... ala fake convertibles you see today, or vinyl tops you saw in the '60's to '80's. They French had several Cabriolets with their Citroen's and so did FIAT with their original, as well as the new 500's.


    Many of the earlier FIATs were so called Cabriolet's but were actually Convertibles... Confusing, huh... but that was the term they used and proper for that year when describing it to others. FIAT 1200's and 1500's standard layout Sports Cars were called Cabriolets back then...

    Coupes, Opera Coupes, 2 and 4 Door Hardtops, 2 and 4 Door Sedans, 2 and 4 Door Station Wagons, Tradesmans, Nomads, SUV's, Crossovers and on and on are many times confused or misunderstood by the speaker... and I guess not so important for this discussion. Then there are Sports Cars, Muscle Cars, and Sport Coupes... We could spend hours at this... HA!

    I think I heard a (VW?) commercial lately that described their car as a HARTOP... and VW doesn't make a pillar-less car... I useta think hardtops were sedans or coupes because the pillars would make the tops HARDER to crush in a rollover... I guess the original intent for the name was that the TOPS were so HARD, they didn't need pillars!

    Which reminds me... back in the 30's, most COUPES and SEDANS may have had what looked like a solid roof, but the center sections were usually framed and covered in a shellacked material of sorts. It was just too difficult to stamp big sections in those days.

    OK... I'm done... Over and out for now...
  10. Kevin B (Asheville NC)

    Kevin B (Asheville NC) Administrator Moderator

    Asheville, NC
    He is looking for something like this

    which was named a cabriolet
  11. bertone9

    bertone9 I'm in-Xane

    So Cal

    Thanks papa Tony, for taking the time to breaking it down so eloquently, that was automotive 101 for this uneducated mind of mine. And as Kevin points out in the pix and I gathered on other fiat forums there were these unique models called cabrios, that can cost a fortune nowadays, huh. Magnificent. Thank you all.
  12. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli

    Well thank you, Sir. As Kevin pointed out...

    and I posted earlier, Hemmings had 4 Cabriolets listed a few days ago and I think ONE went to auction. I know not the price.

    When I searched for FIAT Cabriolet tonight it came up with three. One was a Lancia, one is listed with no price, and a '58 was listed as a Convertible but in the text it describes it as a Cabriolet! Asking $59,500! HA! Cabriolets
  13. Chris Obert

    Chris Obert autocrosser, X driver

    Cabriolet wanted condition clarified

    We got contacted by al, one of the fca executives suggested that Brookie may be interested in selling her 1963 1200 cabriolet that has received awards at various freak outs over the years.
    Ends up al is looking for a never rusty never wrecked never had any bondo original 50 plus year old Italian car for well under what cars that are rusty, have had body damage, and have been repainted are offered for on ebay..
    Oh, and it must be driveable.

    Brookies car is a car that has tons of patina, and has been kept running and operational during its 52 years. Some of its original, but items that deteriorate, like the top and interior, are not. The only requirement it did fit is that it's drivable. Brookies car can be driven reliably on tours. It looks great at 52 mph (it's comfortable cruising speed), or 52 feet.
    And since it's a car that she has great emotional attachment to, if she lets it go it won't be cheap.

    But if you know of someone that has a virgin that they can drive everyday that wants to get rid of it at a bargain price, al is interested.
    As I am sure many of us would be.

    Chris Obert
  14. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli

    HA! My preferences are the same too!

    Point some of these out to me and I'll start dipping into my 401K!
  15. TaraMBrown

    TaraMBrown New Member

    San Diego
    I have a 1965 Fiat 1500 Cabriolet for sale here is the link
    Runs Great did a lot of work on her. Miles are 49,997 Hopefully someone here will want her. I need my garage back!

    This Car is in "Good" Overall Condition and runs Great!

    The car is European market red colored 1965 Fait 1500 Spider two-door cabriolet serial #118K043937.

    The car is equipped with four original steel rims that have been powder coated. This car is fitted with a 1481 c.c. 80H.P. four-cylinder liquid-cool engine mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The engine serial number is 115.005.413105. This is a correct Fiat 1500 engine and is the car’s original.

    Both front fenders are in generally fair good condition. There are no dings or dents on either fender. The headlights are desirable original Carello European market 07.485.700 sealed beams that are in good condition.

    The dash face has its original combination water temperature gauge and fuel gauge, a clock and a European market 180 kn/h speedometer.

    The period three-spoke E. Nardi signature steering wheel is in good original condition.

    This vehicle is sold "as is" with no warranty. There is no described and/or implied warranty
  16. Eastep

    Eastep True Classic

    Haz, I have a number for a fellow that offered me a 1200, from about 2 years ago. I can contact him or pass it on to you. He's local to the Lancaster county PA area.
  17. Chris Obert

    Chris Obert autocrosser, X driver

    A running 1200 or 1500 Cabriolet for US 20K is a great deal. It will cost you many times more that this to bring a car in "average" condition to what this car looks like in the pictures. In recent auctions 1500 Cabriolets are not bringing restoration costs. Only the OSCA engined cars are coming even close.
    Basic rule, buy the very best car you can find. But as always, it's always best to spend the money to inspect any potential purchase in person.
  18. Dan Sarandrea (Phila)

    Dan Sarandrea (Phila) Waitin' On Parts...

    Philadelphia, PA
    A South Jersey gentleman whom I had met before at a local car show (Haddonfield, NJ) brought his FIAT 1200/1500 (not sure which, 1957, IIRC) to the recent FCA-NJ Chapter gathering at the Laurita Winery in central NJ. You can see it in the background with a crown gathered.

    (Pic taken from Matt Ross' post to the FCA-NJ Chapter Facebook page, 6/22/19)

    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019

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