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Discussion in 'Rear-Engine Fiats' started by Jim McKenzie, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. John, I *think* you are here from time to time.

    I just recently saw you finished a new book, titled "Fiat 850 Racers Handbook". I'm thinking of buying it, but wanted to see if you think it would of value for me...I don't want to race my 850 Spider, or even auto-cross it, but would like to get more performance out of it for daily driving.

    Also I heard they you may be offering 2 "data" DVDs with the book for extra $$$, is this still an offer?

    How can people buy your book?
  2. Old Fiat Driver

    Old Fiat Driver Old Fiat Driver

    Chula Vista
    Hay Jim

    Try this. costamesardauto*

  3. thanks but

    1st time got message his inbox was full, second that account was disabled. sigh :) but thanks for helping!
  4. Old Fiat Driver

    Old Fiat Driver Old Fiat Driver

    Chula Vista
    Try this one

    Looks like he changed it. Try this.


  5. thanks!

    that address worked, got a copy on order
  6. Thanks again OFD!

    got my signed copy and DVD in the mail today...truly a motherlode of info, appreciate your help!
  7. Old Fiat Driver

    Old Fiat Driver Old Fiat Driver

    Chula Vista
    Glad it worked out Jim

    In fact I saw John at the SCCA national tour in San Diego yesterday. He is currently in first place with his 850 sedan after the first day but three drivers are separated by just .3 seconds. Today they will finish the second day and the two days added together to come up with a winner. It's close

  8. fiat_nut

    fiat_nut New Member

    Fiat 850 Racers Handbook

    Books and data DVD are available on eBay. There are over 75 pages dealing with engine mods, there's probably something that you will find useful. The two videos are on the oil modifications that we use on the 850 engines.

    I don't follow these groups all that much, you are better off calling me. I don't do email tag, sorry. I have too much other stuff to do then answer a bunch a questions online that can take hours to do. As bad as this may sound, I have to make a living out of my shop and I can't answer everone's questions without a loss to the shop. If you have something specific to ask, call. I find that questions can be answered much more quickly and efficiently on the phone, but don't expect to bend my ear for more then a few minutes. If you have a lot of questions, I can set up some consultation time on an hourly basis.
  9. I bought John's Book and DVD

    And they are both superb. I honestly would recommend the book to ANY Fiat owner. It is just packed with technical details, modification processes and history and a lot of good Fiat stories John has a accumulated over the years,

    I think that the prices is actually too low for what you get, and that it would be a very worthwhile addition to any Fiat library, even for an X owner that had no intention of ever getting an 850. It's that good.
  10. keith murphy

    keith murphy bad day on black top

    RE: Costa Mesa R&D and John Edwards:
    with the passing of John Edwards on Christmas day 2017 of a heart attack, does anyone have copies of his books and pamphlets and are you wiling to sell or share copies of those collections?
    I spoke with Edward's estate's secretary and there was no plan to sell further copies of any of Edward's publications - many if not all of his book files are lost on his password protected computers I was told.
    Thanks for sharing what you have.
  11. ramona300

    ramona300 True Classic

    I have a copy of John's book but wont be parting with it. I use it to store notes on my car etc in the pages left blank for that purpose. Probably any book you come across will be the same.
  12. RJ80

    RJ80 True Classic

    Kitsap, WA
    I had a copy, but I just sold it to a forum member here. They're rare, but are out there. Of course the prices have gone up just a little ;)

    One other note, I personally didn't find it all that useful. The book is really geared towards someone building an outright race car, more than a warmed-over street car, and someone who cares not one bit for keeping a car at least looking original.
  13. ramona300

    ramona300 True Classic

    That's probably why John called it "The Fiat 850 Racers Handbook"
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  14. RJ80

    RJ80 True Classic

    Kitsap, WA
    Yeah, definitely. Was just hoping that more of it would be applicable to a hot street car. I'm not knocking the book, it should be very useful for racers.
  15. 59-600

    59-600 Low Mileage

    Can anyone help me track down a copy of the Fiat 600 Engine Project - 633cc to 892cc Engine Build Book by John?


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