For Sale: Epsilon three-piece 15x7 wheels with tires 4x98 PCD


True Classic
Hi all,

Up for sale again is my set of three-piece Epsilon basketweave wheels. I listed these once before, but with limited photos and some incorrect information. These look straight and true to my eye but will need some refinishing. The lips look nice and will polish up easily, but the black paint on the centers has faded and some of the hardware shows some light tarnishing. Specs are 15x7 (I previously thought the rears were 8 inches wide, but they aren't) with an offset of 10 all around. They'll take standard conical alloy lug nuts. They were on my Scorpion and fit well with a 5mm spacer in front and none in the rear and held air just fine.

Tires are Falken Ziex ZE912 which are a summer performance tire in 195/50/15 front and 225/50/15 rear. I can't find a date code, but they're at least five years old and maybe closer to 10. They have been on and off a car, but always stored indoors and show no signs of cracking. Lots of tread left -- I'd say at least 80%.

The new lower price is $500 for the set with tires. Shipping is extra or come take a late-summer vacation in the PNW and pick them up in Kitsap County, WA.


IMG_1133.JPG IMG_1137.JPG IMG_1139.JPG IMG_1140.JPG IMG_1144.JPG IMG_1145.JPG