Free CD-91s with tires


True Classic
I am moving soon and downsizing so I do not want to haul these around anymore. I don't want to mess with shipping so pickup only in Olympia. Sorry.

There are four rims and five tires. The rims are oxidized but could be refinished easily. I did sell one of the best rims last year, but there is the fifth one from the spare. Tires are Thunder 155/80R13, dated 2711. There are no miles on these tires. These were put on by the seller of my K20 swap project car just to roll it but the car was never drivable on them. The spare tire is pretty old so would recommend swapping the unmounted Thunder tire onto the spare rim for a matched set.

If I don't get any takers in the next two weeks, they are off to the used tire store or dump.CD-91s 01.JPGCD-91s 02.JPGCD-91s 03.JPGCD-91s 04.JPGCD-91s 05.JPG