FREE - OLD, ratty seat cover bits


Low Mileage
These seat back covers have been in my parts stash for over 20 years. Saved them in case I ever needed a matching piece of cloth or vinyl to use for a repair.

Orange/brown is from my (very first X) ‘80. The gray/black is probably from an ‘85 as the cloth pattern looks a bit different than what come in my ‘87. Though it could just be really faded.

Free to anyone who can use them - just asking you to cover postage. Thought I’d offer them here before they head to the trash bin.

Located in northern VA. Thanks.

766D16FF-4B2E-4567-A8BB-6BF8EF1E070C.jpeg 6E9A4402-4DDB-4D49-9178-AAD28AA66340.jpeg 48CAECD4-F745-46D1-B3CF-614185480931.jpeg