Front turn signals don't work, but rear does. Hmm..


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Hello everyone!
1968 850 Spider

Its me (again) here to pick your brain! I have recently discovered that my turn signals weren't working when working through my electrical system. I discovered my indicator relay was bad (had continuity between contacts internally when it shouldn't). The new indicator relay works great, but only triggers the rear lights. Nothing in the front. When I turn on my running lights (night marker lights) they come on as they should. The green arrows on the dash do not show anything unless I directly apply power to the blue wire that feeds it directly. Is there something I could be missing? I know my grounds are good since the lights turn on when I have the running lights on. I have been going through my wiring diagram and just can't see what I may be missing. This is the last thing until the car is 100% functional!

(This is the diagram I am using. Everything has matched while working on my car.)

This is the flasher I am using

Thank you!


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It is unlikely that the diagram is entirely accurate for your car. However in this case the area of wiring is likely correct.

Do you have the right bulbs in the turn signal housings? They should be dual filament.

Verify the front is actually connected to the rest of the system. There are a surprising number of junctions in that circuit.

For the dash repeater green arrows, again where is it getting its feed? If its feed isn’t providing power that could be related to the front signals not working.

What happens when you put the emergency flashers on?


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You know, I never thought about the dual filament. I’ll definitely check that. I replaced the bulbs about 4 months ago, but never had a reason to try them with the blinkers since the car wasn’t running still.

When I use the flashers, the front doesn’t work either, but the rear does

I’ll double check the feeds again too. Thank you! I’ll report back with what I find


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Update: found the issue

I had the two filament bulbs, so I did that correct at least! I did find that the wires on the back of the silver domes inside the bulb housing (pictured) were barely hanging on, and oriented the wrong way on the passenger side.



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