Fusebox Diagram/Layout for late style


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Trying to find a diagram that illustrates the fuse I/O for the late box

I had a diagram offline that shows the relay layout, but it doesn't list the fuses. I have been using the early wiring diagram fault tracing manual as a guide, but I don't know if all the fuses actually correspond.

It has become an issue as some I thought were switched circuits appear to be constant :(

Any suggestions?


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I have a spreadsheet that shows all the internal connections of the late type fuse box. It may be of use to you.
Thank you Rachael.

That would help me, I think. Rodger did also do a spreadsheet that he shared, however his fuses are numbered rather than lettered, so I'm unsure of the correlation with what I have.
I'll pm you my email.


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Emailed as requested. I forgot to mention the bright green cells indicate which terminal(s) each side of a fuse connects to. You will note that some terminals interconnect but don't connect to a fuse or relay, this is because the fuse box also acts as a wiring centre between different sections of the loom.
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