Gas Hood Strut Install

Discussion in 'Nuova 500' started by lookforjoe, Nov 16, 2018.

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    Whilst working on the motor swap, I realized how annoying it is to use an manual hood support. Honestly, I haven't opened the hood on my wife's 500 but a few times in the 3 years we have owned it, but still :D

    I used a Volvo C30 tailgate strut - 19.5" extended length. I had ordered a 40lb strut (same one I used on the X1/9 engine cover) from RV center, along with the ball stud brackets, but the length turned out to be too short, based on where the strut could be placed & not interfere with the hood inner panel, fender, inner fender and still actually lift the hood.

    You will see from my pics that it took a couple tries to get the location right :D looks kinda ugly, so I will need to address the extra holes more neatly than at present. Wouldn't be acceptable to me on my X1/9 or my Volvo...

    M5 rivnuts at the back with M5 allen head screws, standard rivets in the hood.



    No way around it, inner fender corner had to be cut for the ball stud to clear.



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