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Discussion in 'NFC Forum' started by Black-Tooth, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli

    ... actually they are called Hazard Fraught ads...

    I ran across these "ads" from many years ago and really got a laugh out of them again. It will behoove you to read every word!


    tony_HF.JPG tony_HF2.JPG tony_HF3.JPG tony_HF4.JPG
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  2. kmead

    kmead Insufferable dum bass

    Nice, Mohel knife, oh my.
  3. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    So awesome and about to get passed around some more!
  4. Ulix

    Ulix True Classic

    Stuttgart, Germany
    I love it! :)

    Too bad I can't forward it over here, since noone knows HF.
  5. WYOX19

    WYOX19 True Classic

    NW Wyoming
    I could use that Moron lamp when working on my X.
  6. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli


    Glad youse guys liked this... My favorite is the Garden Hose/Extension Cord Combo! They should include a Moron Light FREE with every purchase!
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  7. ianlawson

    ianlawson ian - NZ

    Hey Tony, a certain person (initials J.D.) told me that YOU were the model for the MORON lamp ad in this posting. I always thought you had dark-coloured hair (what's left of it) - obviously I'm mistaken! ;)
    cheers, mate!! IanL - NZ
  8. mkmini

    mkmini True Classic

    THat 12hp noise and fume generator haha
  9. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli

    Ian... where the hell have you been?

    Mike and I have been wondering for over a month now...
  10. ianlawson

    ianlawson ian - NZ

    Hiya Tony,
    Well, I have been here all the time, but about a month ago, Vodafone :)mad: barstds) did a major bail-out of many email addresses that were under their control. I dunno why???
    Anyway, I sent emails (with new addy) to you and Mike explaining that, but it appears that neither of you received those emails? But I'm still alive,......new email addy is ianblawson63@gmail.com
    Would you also pass this onto Mike, please? I have been missing all his interesting reports on what Trump is getting up to! :confused:

    cheers, mate!
    IanL - NZ
  11. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli

    Done... and regarding Trump and politics and the like... I find it best to keep my head in the sand.

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