Hot Rod Power Tour 2018

Discussion in 'Events Forum' started by gumby23, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. gumby23

    gumby23 Daily Driver

    Indy, IN
    My son and I leave in less than a week now! We will be attempting the Long Haul and hope to complete the entire week. Maybe hit the Tail on the way home if all goes well.
    Anyone else going in a Fiat? Single day, or otherwise?
    Anyone located in the southeast that would be willing to assist if we run into hardships along the way?

    All dates, schedules, and routes are here:
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  2. 7982X

    7982X True Classic

    We are nowhere near there, but wish you & your son a great, safe, & trouble free time! Awesome to have an X1/9 amongst the more "traditional" classic cars. They might just see what they are missing.
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  3. BrettM

    BrettM 1981 RHD X1/9

    Knoxville TN
    I am near the tail of the Dragon in Knoxville. If you need anything near me, please let me know. What day will you be traveling through?
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  4. gumby23

    gumby23 Daily Driver

    Indy, IN
    Check out the routes on Hot Rod's website. We are making a loop around Knoxville!
    Bowling Green to Chattanooga on the 10th.
    Ending in Concord, NC, outside Charlotte, on the 15th.
    Heading back home(possible side trip to the Dragon) on the 16th.

    PM me some contact info. If I break anywhere near Knoxville I may need it ;)
  5. gumby23

    gumby23 Daily Driver

    Indy, IN
    It ain't a party till someone breaks out the duct tape and zip ties!
    Anyone between Atlanta, GA and Darlington, SC with some good rear toe links?

    Beuller? Beuller??

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