How many '86-'87 X1/9 in U.S.?

Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by Wayne, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Wayne

    Wayne Low Mileage

    The X1/9 will be my first. I've been looking around and I see mostly 70's and 1980 models out there for sale. I like the late models for the refinement, FI and hp. Any leads here? I'm having trouble with Craigslist these days and can't contact ads out of the MD/DC area.
  2. kmead

    kmead Old enough to know better

    They are out there. The majority of sales were the Fiat branded cars versus the Bertone cars which were sold from 83 to 87. I have an 85 and an 87 (88s in the US were carry over 87s). There have been quite a few Bertones up for sale of late, there is an expensive, very nice one for sale on Facebook right now.

    Although there are differences from the late 80 cars with fuel injection to the Bertone branded cars, they are not so significant that you will actually notice a difference from an '81 to an 85 when driving it.

    As always buy the best one you can afford.
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  3. JimD

    JimD Waiting for Godot... Moderator

    Missouri, USA
    Here is some information on US production numbers that TonyK posted back in 2007 on Xweb v1.0:

    And here is a link to the archived thread. I don't know how long we will be able to access this stuff now that tapatalk has taken it over. My old account will no longer allow to to log in. Oh well. :(
  4. JimD

    JimD Waiting for Godot... Moderator

    Missouri, USA
    Hi Wayne,

    Welcome to Xweb. You should post a "wanted" thread in FS&W and put in your list of desired features. AC or not? Power windows or not?

    Personally, I would skip the AC and power windows unless this X will be your daily driver. I am sure the weather in St Louis is just as hot and humid as the DC area. I have managed to survive with no AC in any of the Xs I have owned. Even the brand new 1980 that was my only car. Like I said though, for a daily driver AC would be nice and I missed it in my 80 back in the day. Especially when taking young ladies out. They didn't seem to appreciate the wind in their hair.:p

    Good luck with your hunt and keep an eye on the FS&W as well as Ebay and CL.

    BTW, CL has been acting weird for me as well lately. I have a bunch of "outside my area" links bookmarked and some of them just spin when selected and the page never loads. Sometimes clicking a second time gets it working, sometimes I just pick a different CL link to another area and come back to find the flaky link working. I am not sure if they have one big server or regional servers, but the problem moves around the country and varies everyday.
  5. Wayne

    Wayne Low Mileage

    Not many made in 86/87. I'm looking for a maintained driver type condition for now. I've seen some really nice ones priced way out of budget. I will definitely put a Wanted ad in the FS&W. Thanks All!
  6. kmead

    kmead Old enough to know better

    A cautionary tale.

    Nearly two years ago I bought my 87. It wasn’t a barn find per se but it was a car that had been left sitting for many years after having been driven 75k miles. Little real rust (a hole in the scuttle and as a result one in the passenger floor), a dent, tired paint and a large number of mechanical deferred maintenance and a few significant repairs.

    First cost:1500
    Cost to haul it home: 300
    Parts and pieces to do all the maintenance: 1200 (this may be low) and will grow some more
    Rebuilt transmission: 2100
    Plus plenty of ‘free’ labor which isn’t done yet. Labor on an older car is high because most don’t want to work on an old car so you are at the mercy of those who will.

    So this ‘cheap’ car is now far and away my most expensive Fiat. I am happy I was able to buy the car as it is a pretty nice car, I don’t regret buying a fixer upper. I enjoy the repair work, it is a big part of what I enjoy about cars but I am a bit of a masochist. One can buy a car to fix and then drive or buy a car to drive and occaissionally fix (like my other X)

    My only point is look at who you are, what you enjoy about about owning a car and what you can really afford for a toy car. Buying the best car you can with a known history will have you enjoying it sooner with likely lower overall costs.

    Welcome to the XWeb, it is a great place with lots of nice, creative, capable and helpful people. Ask us nearly any question and we will likely meander our way to the answer with about a dozen answers to things you weren’t asking about along the way :D


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  7. toddr124

    toddr124 Hagerstown, MD

    Hagerstown, MD
    Hi Wayne,

    There are a lot of Bertone X1/9s in the DC area. I have 3 myself (none for sale). The best way to find out about Bertone X10/9s in the DC area is to attend a DCFiats event. The next event will be April 13th starting Thurmont, MD and ending in Hagerstown, MD for a pig roast . There should be around 8 to 10 at the event, someone might have one for sale.

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